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Guy Silas Branch Manager
Mobile: 301.651.2226 Phone: 800.333.3004 ext. 3811 Branch : Maryland - Rockville NMLS# 408138
Scott Jacobs Producing Sales Manager
Phone: 301.354.8215 Branch : Maryland - Rockville NMLS# 448069

Maryland - Rockville

Phone: (301) 921-0070

Embrace Home Loans - Maryland – Rockville

Rockville, Maryland residents will welcome the chance to refinance their home loans or have that first home loan application process simplified with the help of their local Embrace Home Loans office. With a strong community focus, Embrace Home Loans brings homebuyers and those looking for home loan application approval the chance to sit down with a financial planner and really take a closer look at everything from finances to lifestyle, retirement planning, and even college tuition choices for children and grandchildren.

The Embrace Home Loans branch of Rockville is happy to help local residents obtain what they need to get their lives moving. Whether that’s a first-time homebuyer loan, a lump sum of cash for a project or remodel, even debt consolidation to get on the road to paying lower monthly payments in an effort to afford a new home, or simply pay off debt. Contact the Rockville, Maryland Embrace Home Loans office today to speak with a seasoned consultant who can help you begin planning your new future today.

Loan Officers

Greg Awbrey Senior Loan Officer
Phone: 800.333.3004 ext. 3868 Mobile: 240.401.7018 Branch: Maryland - Rockville NMLS# 45932
Amore Azimi Loan Officer
Phone: 800.333.3004 ext. 3814 Mobile: 240.338.1451 Branch: Maryland - Rockville NMLS# 1045180
Ricardo Guido Senior Loan Officer
Phone: 800.333.3004 ext. 3848 Branch: Maryland - Rockville NMLS# 1249316
Tim Higgins Regional Sales Executive / VP
Phone: 800.333.3004 ext. 3970 Mobile: 443.812.4145 Branch: Maryland - Rockville NMLS# 177057
Chuck MacAnanny Sales Manager
Phone: 800.333.3004 ext. 3802 Mobile: 301.875.6018 Branch: Maryland - Rockville NMLS# 960582
Barbara Morris Loan Officer
Phone: 301-354-8298 Branch: Maryland - Rockville NMLS# 179167
Phone: 301-921-0070 Branch: Maryland - Rockville NMLS# 103585
Bill Rozek Senior Loan Officer
Phone: 301.354.8279 Mobile: 301.325.6399 Branch: Maryland - Rockville NMLS# 214260
Nicholas Rozek Loan Officer
Phone: 800.333.3004 ext. 3839 Mobile: 301.785.5987 Branch: Maryland - Rockville NMLS# 1189970
Ron Schwartz Senior Loan Officer
Phone: 800.333.3004 ext. 3817 Mobile: 240.505.4766 Branch: Maryland - Rockville NMLS# 47148
Gordon Weaver Senior Loan Officer
Phone: 800.333.3004 ext. 3836 Mobile: 240.994.8155 Branch: Maryland - Rockville NMLS# 312193
Victoria Zambrano Senior Loan Officer
Phone: 800.333.3004 ext. 3638 Mobile: 301.370.8644 Branch: Maryland - Rockville NMLS# 222350

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