Let’s look at the numbers.

When you’re thinking about buying or refinancing a home, the math can get a little overwhelming. Instead of working the numbers on your old school calculator, play with one or more of Embrace’s financial calculators. These calculators don’t just add up numbers — they also help you get a better understanding about things like monthly payments, affordability, renting vs. buying, and more.

We have four different calculators — Refinance, Mortgage, Affordability, and Rent vs. Buy. You’ll most likely find a couple that fit your situation. If it’s your first home purchase, the Rent vs. Buy and the Affordability Calculators can be helpful, giving you an idea about whether it’s a good time to buy — and if it is, how much you could potentially afford. If you’re happy in your current home but would like to lower your monthly payments, the Refinance Calculator can help show you potential savings. Play with the numbers to learn what makes the most financial sense for you.

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Should you refinance?

Wondering if refinancing your mortgage could save you money? If today’s interest rate is lower than the rate on your current mortgage, there’s a good chance it could. Use our Refinance Calculator to determine an estimate of interest you could save over the life of a loan — using your current interest rate versus a new lower interest rate. The calculator will also compare your monthly savings and show you how long it will take to break even. Try our Refinance Calculator now