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Massachusetts - Middleton

35 Village Road, Suite 100,

Middleton, MA 01949


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About Middleton

Like many towns and cities in Massachusetts, Middleton was first settled in the early colonial period, in 1659, along with many other settlements in the historic North Shore region of the state. In the late 18th and to the mid-19th centuries Middleton was a vacation town to those who lived in areas such as Lawrence and Lowell. It is home to one of the oldest trees in Massachusetts, being approximately 400 years old, and which is located at 39 Peabody Street. The oldest still standing house is the Wilkins House, which was built in 1693, and served as a tavern on the main road between Salem and Lawrence.With its current motto of "Knowledge is Power" the town is also home to a new local branch office of Embrace Home Loans a national lender with 39 years in the mortgage banking industry. Built on a strong, family friendly culture that seeks to treat all our customers as a guest, Embrace understands that your situation is unique and personal.


Our presence here inMiddletonmeans that homebuyers from all walks of life will have the best tools available to get pre-approvals, first-time home loans, and refinancing on existing mortgages should that be an important part of their financial plans and goals. As always, the most important part of the financial planning process is having the right consulting partner on your side of the table—and that’s exactly what Embrace Home Loans brings to the residents ofMiddleton and the North Shore.


Looking for a new home near the water? Embrace’s Approved to Move™ program might be just the advantage you need. As activity in the housing market changes there is no better strategy than going shopping for a new home with a pre-approved and underwritten mortgage in your pocket. While other buyers will have to shop for a loan after they make an offer, your seller’s agent will quickly understand that you already have your approval, giving you a significant buyer’s advantage. So welcome again to Embrace Home Loans, Middleton, MA, and be sure to stop in to say hello. We’re looking forward to meeting you.


Your Middleton Team