Virginia - Lynchburg

103A Paulette Circle

Lynchburg VA 24502


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About Lynchburg

Embrace Home Loans - Virginia – Lynchburg

Named for its founder John Lynch, who as a young man of only seventeen started a ferry service across the James River in 1771, the city of Lynchburg, Virginia is home to a branch office of Embrace Home Loans. With connections to founding fathers George Washington and Thomas Jefferson the "City of Seven Hills" quickly grew to become a transportation and commercial hub. Today the city is home to Liberty University, the state's largest institution of higher education and the city's largest employer. With so much development over the past decade many new and existing residents have a growing need for options when it comes to home loans, debt consolidation, retirement, and other financial concerns. For this reason, Embrace Home Loans has come to the Lynchburg community to offer a host of financial tools, along with our superior loan consultants and supporting staff.

Regardless of the type of financial assistance you need, be it for a first time home purchase or a plan for your retirement and/or anything in between, Embrace Home Loans is Lynchburg’s go-to lender. Whether you have plans set in stone or are just now beginning your quest for a home purchase or financial security, Embrace Home Loans offers you the tools you’ll need to get there and the financial consultants with the experience to get you there safely. When you are ready to reach out for debt consolidation, call Embrace Home Loans. If you are ready to take the plunge into that first-time pre-approval application, call Embrace Home Loans. And if you have a financial need that you just don’t know where to go to get questions answered, call Embrace Home Loans.

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