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Your Viera Team

Stephen Thaggard
Stephen Thaggard
Branch Manager
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NMLS # 356309
Karen Thaggard
Karen Thaggard
Senior Loan Officer
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NMLS # 1011431
Chris Wurtzbacher
Chris Wurtzbacher
Producing Sales Manager
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NMLS # 379645

About Viera

Embrace Home Loans - Florida - Viera Location

Well within the best viewing window of the Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral's launch centers, Viera, Florida is now home to your very own local branch of Embrace Home Loans, a leading national lending firm. With over thirty years in the mortgage and lending fields, and with a family oriented culture, where we honor every customer as a guest, Embrace Home Loans has a well-deserved reputation for digging right in and working closely with our customers to get them the money they need. At Embrace we work with you to design a loan package that will meet your family goals for home ownership or debt consolidation, and as a premier lending resource in the Space Coast area, Embrace Home Loans brings local residents a wide array of loan options and tailored lending alternatives.

Looking for a new home near the coast? Embrace’s Approved to Move™ program might be just the advantage you need. As activity in the housing market ebbs and flows there is nothing better than going shopping for a new home with a pre-approved and underwritten mortgage in your hand. While other buyers will have to shop for a loan after they make an offer, your seller’s agent will quickly understand that you already have your approval, giving you a significant buyer’s advantage. Embrace can also help with refinancing and debt consolidation needs all with a local point-of-view. So welcome again to Embrace Home Loans, Viera, and be sure to stop in should the need arise. We’re looking forward to meeting you.