Beyond by Embrace offers financing solutions for borrowers who don’t easily fit into the typical mortgage guidelines.

Beyond may be a great solution for:

Highlights and qualifications:

• Loans valued up to $2 million

• No Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI), higher Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratios

• Designed for self-employed borrowers who show business cash flow on bank statements instead of what is reported on tax returns

• Eligible properties include non-warrantable condos with higher concentration of commercial units



At Embrace, we don’t frown on unconventional borrowers. We celebrate them! We realize that you may not get a W-2. Maybe you own a business, do contract work, or consult…whatever it is, you’ve chosen your own path, and we applaud that.

So while other lenders may deny a borrower who is self-employed, we think outside the box (kind of like you). With Beyond, you don’t always have to show your tax returns. You can qualify for a loan or refinance with just 12 months of bank statements. And guess what? A perfect FICO score isn’t necessary either.

Score a great loan without a great score.

So your credit isn’t flawless. We won’t hold that against you. We accept FICO scores as low as 580. And if you have a history of bankruptcy, we’ll treat it like water under the bridge. At Embrace, you can get a loan just one year after a Chapter 7, and one day out of Chapter 13.

Go big and go home.

Our new Prime Jumbo loans offer competitive rates and interest-only options, so larger homes are more affordable.

Beyond may be perfect if you:

  • Own a business or are self-employed
  • Have a FICO score lower than 700
  • Report a low adjusted gross income on tax returns
  • Have some history of bankruptcy
  • Have a prior foreclosure, modification, short sale, or deed in lieu on your credit

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