In today’s competitive market, when you find the house of your dreams, there’s often five other people dreaming of it too. How can you stand out from the other potential buyers? It’s easy with our Approved to Move™ program.

With Approved to Move™, you’ll have a fully underwritten approval in hand before you start looking. We do all of the paperwork up front so when the right home does come along, you’re ready. Sellers love Approved to Move™ because it’s virtually as good as a cash offer.

A little more work up front by us means you won’t lose the house of your dreams. Look at how Approved to Move™ compares with a standard pre-approval:

Approved to Move™:
• Fully underwritten approval
• Verified bank records
• Verified tax statements
• Verified FICO
• Verified credit scores
• Verified income and assets
• Verified debt-to-income ratio
• As close to cash offer as possible
• Good for 90 days
Standard Pre-Approval:
• Not underwritten or verified
• Quick pull from credit bureau
• Good for 30-60 days


What can you afford?

You’ll know exactly how much you can spend when you get Approved to Move™, which helps you look in the right direction. If you want to get an idea about what your monthly payments will be right now, check out our Home Mortgage Calculator.

Don’t take a chance with a pre-approval. Get Approved to Move™ today. Call an Embrace expert at 800-333-3004.

Watch our (super short) Approved to Move™ video.