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Affinity Mortgage

Affinity Mortgage Solution

Embrace Home Loans Affinity Mortgage Solution provides you with a residential lending program that is SIMPLE, risk-free and profitable.

Banks and credit unions are getting out of the mortgage business and that makes sense for many reasons. The risk, complexity and cost are just not worth it. Many institutions have decided that mortgages do not hold much opportunity to meaningfully contribute to their profits.

But mortgages are a core product and losing a mortgage to the competition puts the rest of the customers and members accounts at risk. There's a simple solution that removes you from the risk but keeps you in the mortgage business helping you maintain your customer base.

This solution is branded in the banks or credit union's name and is provided by Embrace Home Loans. This fully outsourced program removes all regulatory oversight from the institution. Further, Embrace manages customer and member engagement to advance your brand and cross selling opportunities.

To find out more about how Embrace is uniquely positioned to provide you with a solid mortgage solution, contact us at 1-800-333-3004 or email us at

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