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Freddie Mac: "Fixed-Rate Mortgages Reach 12-Month Low"

Have you been waiting to refinance your mortgage or purchase a new home, crossing your fingers for better interest rates? It’s time to stop hoping and get moving because those low mortgage rates are available — right now.

There’s no telling how long this good fortune will last, though. Rates could start heading back up again at any time.

Don’t waste this time-sensitive opportunity to buy your dream home, consolidate debt, lower your mortgage payment, or get cash for renovations. Even if you’re still in the process of shopping for a new home, you can call now and use our LOCK & SHOP program to lock in the current low rate for 90 days.

What do you have to lose? In the time it took to read this page, you could have been pre-qualified.


Get Your Move On

What's Lock & Shop?

Embrace's LOCK & SHOP plan offers peace of mind while shopping for a home. If rates go up, your rate stays the same. And if rates go down, your rate drops.

And today, fixed-rate mortgages are at a 12-month low.* So lock in a low rate now…before they go up again.


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