New York - Garden City

1055 Franklin Avenue, Suite 304,

Garden City, NY 11530


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About Garden-City

Garden City Township, on beautiful Long Island, NY is home of Roosevelt Field the starting point of Charles Lindbergh’s historic Trans-Atlantic flight to Paris in 1927. In fact several of the opening scenes of the film The Spirit of St. Louis (1957) were shot at the field and at the famous Garden City Hotel where Lindbergh had a room. Located within the town of Hempstead, NY, Garden City was the brainchild of Irish millionaire Alexander Turney Stewart who said in 1869 in relation to his plans for, the then, barren plainlands, “laying out the lands in parcels for sale to actual settlers, and erecting at various points attractive buildings and residences, so that a barren waste may speedily be covered by a population desirable in every respect as neighbors, taxpayers, and as citizens. In doing this I am prepared and would be willing to expend several millions of dollars.” Today with a thriving housing market for both residential and vacation homes the Embrace branch office in Garden City is ready to meet all your home financing needs. Built on a strong, family friendly culture that seeks to treat all our customers as a guest, Embrace understands that your situation is unique and personal.

Our loan consultants know the area well, and that, combined with Embrace’s wide range of lending products, gives us the confidence to offer your family a lending solution designed to meet your unique financial goals. In fact Embrace’s Approved to Move™ program might be just the advantage you need. Being Approved to Move™ means you’re presenting the seller with an offer virtually as good as cash. We do all the paperwork up front, so you have a fully underwritten approval even before you find your dream home.

At Embrace our loan originators listen carefully to all the details of your family’s situation, including your financial goals and dreams, your special needs and circumstances, and your unique financial condition; and then, with the backing of a seasoned processing and underwriting team, we get you the money you need. If you’re looking to purchase a new home, refinance an existing mortgage or consolidate high-interest debt… look no further than Embrace Home Loans of Garden City. It’s what we’ve done for tens of thousands of customers during our over thirty-eight years in the business. So be sure to stop by or give us a call today and let us introduce you to the Garden City, NY Embrace Home Loans experience.

Your Garden-City Team