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About Dover

Getting a Home Loan in Dover, Delaware

The historic city of Dover, Delaware’s state capital, is filled with landmarks, museums and sites dedicated to classic American might, as well as home design. At the city’s beautiful epicenter, The Green, you’ll find an experienced staff waiting to help you purchase a new home with a qualified loan from Embrace Home Loans. Our Loan Officers have years of experience getting their customers low-interest home loans for first-time buyers, as well as looking into home loan refinancing and options for veterans – traditionally known as VA home loans.

The process of getting approved for a mortgage at Embrace Home Loans is simple and stress-free. Once signed-up, you’ll work with one local Dover Home Loan Officer every step of the way, giving a personalized approach to home buying:

PRE-QUALIFICATION: A Dover, DE Mortgage Specialist from Embrace will outline how much home you can afford. There will be a clear list of all costs, and what can done to help close on a house faster.

APPLYING FOR YOUR LOAN: Our Embrace Loan Officer will then help with the entire application process, including the types of documents and information needed for processing.

MORTGAGE APPROVAL: After the Mortgage Specialist carefully reviews all paperwork, has the house appraised, and evaluates your credit, they will determine your eligibility for a loan.

CLOSING YOUR LOAN: After official approval of your loan is complete, a “closing” will commence, where you’ll review and sign final loan and escrow documents. Funds will be disbursed to the title company who will file the transfer of title in your name.

From there, you’ll soon be the proud owner of a new or second home in Dover. Embrace can also help work with Delaware customers who need to refinance their current mortgage, which can consolidate debt or get you cash back to put towards renovations or other home projects that will increase its value.

As an industry leader with over 30 years of experience, Embrace Home Loans has a proven record of helping customers understand the Delaware housing market. We welcome you into our newest branch in Dover to buy a home, sell, refinance, or get cash to renovate.

Your Dover Team