0% Down. 101% Yours.

Owning a home is the American Dream. But saving for the down payment can be impossible for a lot of people. You have tons of financial obligations — car payments, student loans, family expenses . . . The list seems endless. And while you’re scraping to save, interest rates are rising along with home prices.

So we’ve made it easier than ever to get into a home of your own. With Embrace’s No Down Payment Program, no down payment is required. Not one cent. We even help with closing costs. That means a lot less stress for you, and more money in the bank for saving — and for all of life’s other expenses.

Program highlights:
• Financing options up to 101% combined loan-to-value on a first and second mortgage
• Borrowers with a FICO score of 660+
• Purchase of a single-family residence only
• Borrower can be a first-time or previous homebuyer
• Financial assistance for down payment and closing costs
• Second mortgage is an interest only with balloon payment
• No mortgage insurance required


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