The Government Shutdown and the Impact on Mortgages

Buyers are back in the market. The severe holiday lull may be over — possibly inspired by the drop in rates. But the volatility in the stock market and the government shutdown could impact the return to the market, and the shutdown may delay or keep some of those applications from closing. While delays, if [...]

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Substantial Increase in 2019 FHA Loan Limits for Thousands of US Counties

3,053 No, it's not the number of times you have seen the same holiday movie on the Hallmark Channel. It's not the number of emails you have received promising the “best deals of the season!” It's the number of counties in the US that are seeing a somewhat dramatic increase in FHA loan limits. That [...]

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A Picture of the New First-Time Homebuyer

Ellie Mae data indicates that rising rates, higher prices, and lack of inventory didn’t scare away millennials in October. At first glance, they appear to be a brave bunch. But more likely than not it might be fear of higher prices and higher rates driving those that can still afford to buy into the market. [...]

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The 2019 Housing Market: Crash and Burn or Soft Landing?

Earlier this week, NASA managed to land its InSight spacecraft on the surface of Mars. After a million-mile journey, NASA scientists, engineers, and space junkies around the world held their collective breath as InSight went from racing across the galaxy at 12,300 mph to zero. In what some refer to as the "seven minutes of [...]

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One Day Isn’t Enough to Be Thankful

We just enjoyed Thanksgiving, but according to some media outlets, it seems like if you celebrate the Christmas holiday and are not at least 75% done with your shopping you should be fairly stressed about it. Not a lot of time is allowed to just take in all you are grateful for and reflect on [...]

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What to Tell Millennial Homebuyers Who Are Taking Their Time

There are indications that some millennials might be singing that Rolling Stones chorus —"Tiiiiiiiiiime is on my side. Yes it is."— when considering homeownership. Rates, home prices, and a lack of inventory have prompted this generation to take their time. (While seemingly defying time, the septuagenarian rockers are teasing new U.S. concert dates.) Trying to [...]

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A Yale Economist’s View on the Current Housing Market

Placid by definition means "not easily upset or excited." It's not a bad adjective for the housing and mortgage market — especially when being used by a Noble Prize-winning economist who helped create what some consider to be the foremost index for tracking home prices around the country. Placid is something we will take, considering [...]

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