Will You Achieve Your 2018 Goals?

With summer winding down, now’s a good time to revisit your annual business/marketing plan. Whether you’re part of a large brokerage or work independently, it’s important to recommit to your goals and recalibrate your strategy as needed. Has your marketing resulted in the amount of business you need to reach your year-end goal? A good [...]

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Why Downtime Is so Important to Your Real Estate Marketing

August is traditionally vacation month. A cool drink, a large body of water, friends, and family all help us to recharge and regroup. This summer in particular, with its oppressive heat and divisive political climate, make that much-needed break sound better than ever. I know you're already thinking, "Real estate agents always have a hard [...]

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Which Is More Important: The Loan Officer or the Lender?

The obvious answer to this question? Both. A lender should have the widest array of products with competitive rates and terms. Service should be exceptional from pre-approval to closing. After all, you want the very best for your client. But What About Your Needs? The loan officer (LO) plays a pivotal role in your relationships [...]

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Real Estate Agents: Meet the New and Improved For Sale Sign

One of the most overused words in marketing and media in general is the word “iconic.” If words themselves could be iconic, iconic would be, well, iconic. The term comes from the Greek word "eikonikos," meaning image or likeness. The English word first appeared in the 17th century and was used to describe the religious [...]

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Alexa, Find Me a Home

Since the public introduction of the personal computer in the early 1980’s and the World Wide Web in the mid 90’s, the power of networked computing has become so embedded in our lives and culture that we tend to think of it as a utility — like a electricity or running water. The birth of [...]

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Saving Future Referrals When a Transaction Goes South

It’s been said a million times, but a successful real estate business is built on relationships. From real world networking to the virtual world of your website and social media, all your marketing efforts are focused on making new connections, building on current business, and leveraging past clients for referrals. In a perfect world these [...]

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14 Features Your Real Estate Website Must Have

The importance of maintaining, refreshing, and properly curating your website should not be underestimated. Your website is the central hub for your real estate business and it should be the place where all links lead. Consistently adding new and informative content is great (and essential), but if you don’t have a solid foundation with the [...]

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A Mid-Year Look at the Housing Market

The end of June marks the close of the second quarter of 2018, and mid-year is a great time to reevaluate your Realtor® marketing plan. Here are some of the trends we're seeing: Is the economy heating up? Interest rates are rising slowly, the unemployment rate has dropped to 3.9% — the lowest it's been [...]

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Millennials Want to Buy — so What’s the Hold Up?

From time to time, you come across survey results that stop you in your tracks. In a recent and compelling article on the Scotsman Guide — "Help Homebuyers Reach New Heights" by CEO and founder of ValueInsured, Joe Melendez — four interesting metrics were cited: "In ValueInsured's latest quarterly Modern Homebuyer Survey, 79% of millennials [...]

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