4 Benefits of Outsourcing Marketing

Residential real estate is very demanding work. You're juggling multiple clients, contracts, and closings all at different points in the home buying or selling process, networking to engage new clients and other potential referral partners, and marketing — all things that require time. And as you well know, time is something that most real estate [...]

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9 Benefits of Automating Your Email Campaigns

Email marketing campaigns are one of the best ways to convert new clients, or nurture past clients and referral partners. Creating and distributing an effective email campaign involves database management, content creation, graphic design, and setting parameters for distribution — work that most real estate agents don’t have the time or expertise to execute properly. [...]

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7 Essentials for a Successful Drip Email Marketing

Email marketing continues to be an effective way to reach new clients and nurture past customers. Drip campaigns — that is, a series of timely and informative emails delivered over a set period of time — keep clients in the loop and your name top-of-mind. Creating and distributing a drip campaign effectively has never been [...]

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4 Signs That Spring Sales Will Be Strong

Maybe it’s just the blue sky and sunshine or renewed stability in the stock market, but I’m feeling optimistic about the spring selling season. Here’s why, according to the experts: Interest rates. Last fall's rise in interest rates slowed buyer activity and led to an overall slowdown in home sales and price growth. The good [...]

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9 Things Successful Marketers Do Every Day

Being a successful marketer requires both discipline and flexibility. You need to meet your daily, weekly, monthly marketing goals and allow for the unexpected at the same time. By beginning your day working through this series of tasks, you should be able to free up time to deal with whatever comes along. Review plan – [...]

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4 Things Your Clients Really Want from You

Every potential homebuyer has a set of unique needs. Maybe they're looking for a particular neighborhood, style of home, or number of bathrooms. Most important, though, is a client’s unique financial situation. What can they afford? Personal preferences and financial considerations play key roles in the house hunting process. That said, what are those bottom [...]

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The Art of Effective Communication

In large organizations, marketing often appears to be at odds with sales. One is driven by commissions, the other is focused on messaging. Real estate agents, though, are responsible for both. Generating business requires the persuasive talents associated with marketers, while sales works to meet customer expectations and close the deal. The secret to bridging [...]

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