Build on Your Marketing Strengths

Successful marketing gets results. But to get results, you need to set realistic goals. How many new customers? How many referrals? What kind of dollar volume do you need to generate? Defining your goals is the first step in building a marketing plan. Goal setting isn't just how much business you wish you had, [...]

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Permanent Renters: Another Trend Agents Should Be Watching

One of the most frustrating things potential first-time homebuyers and real estate agents face is a shortage of affordable single family homes. There are a number of reasons for this shortage. The most common reason is that people are remaining in their homes longer. Prior to the “Great Recession,” families usually moved an average [...]

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One of Many Trends Real Estate Agents Should Be Watching

Many industries have already been disrupted or transformed by the internet and the technologies that enable it. Unlike those industries, which have been overtaken by new players, the real estate industry’s transformation is coming from within. This slow implosion comes as online real estate sites and lenders vie for the right combination of services and [...]

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Why You Should Pursue Professional Development

Continuing education is required to maintain your real estate license, but what about some real professional development? Building on your current knowledge base keeps the job interesting. Greater expertise sends employers and clients the message that you're not content to rest on your laurels. The benefits of professional development are real: Proficiency. Adding to your [...]

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4 Things to Know Prior to Negotiating a Home Purchase

As a real estate agent, you play a number of critical roles during the home buying process. You solicit new business, conduct open houses, and walk through your clients' homes to better understand their preferences. But, perhaps the most important role, is your ability to negotiate the final price and conditions of a client's home [...]

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3 Things Real Estate Agents Need to Know About AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been the "next big thing" for a while now. AI brings machine intelligence to the analysis of all the "big data" that's being accumulated. While the real impact of AI on the real estate business may still be years away, understanding its capabilities and potential now will lead to new applications [...]

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Housing Market Update for May 2019

Spring has sprung — and with it, April housing numbers to give us some insight into current market conditions. Broadly speaking, home values continue to increase, inventory of existing homes remains light, interest rates remain unchanged, and with homes staying on the market on average 24 days, the seller's market remains strong. Even in the [...]

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