Market Your Real Estate Business Through Local Sponsorships

One of best ways to get your name out in the community is by sponsoring local nonprofits and charitable events. Your support not only offsets costs, it can also provide legitimacy or authority to an organization or event. Making a difference From a business perspective, sponsorship serves a dual purpose. First, it shows you take [...]

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Using Facebook Live to Market Your Business

Imagine walking all your potential buyers on Facebook through your latest listing, showing them the house room by room and pointing out unique features as you go — granite countertops, spacious closets, a beautifully tiled fireplace. Or going down to check out the basement, out to the garage, or admiring the lawn and garden. Imagine [...]

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May 2018 Market Update to Inform Your Marketing

With April behind us and the spring selling season well underway, keeping tabs on the national economic picture not only serves to foreshadow potential changes in local markets, it also helps us better understand the mindset of both buyers and sellers and how we market to them. Primary Drivers: Rising interest rates expected to continue [...]

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Best Practices for Posting on Social Media

When posting on social media, there are three important factors a Realtor® should consider: The character and quality of the content The channel Timing Unlike email campaigns or flyer distribution — which tend to focus on primarily on brand building — social media allows for more wiggle room when it comes to content. Social doesn’t [...]

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9 Ways Realtors Who Write Can Grow Their Business

For Realtors® who are comfortable with the written word, there are a number of ways to leverage your talent to reach potential clients and referral partners. Your writing should be simple, direct, and tuned in to the particular audience you’re trying to reach. Connecting with your audience requires writing of a consistent quality. It’s also [...]

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Why Your Spring Marketing Campaign Needs a STRONG Message

The spring selling season is underway. You need to reach new clients and add new listings to build a successful book of business in 2018. Now is the time to use that contact database, tap into your network of colleagues, and reach out across social media with a strong, knowledgeable, and confident message. Here’s what [...]

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Don’t Be Afraid of Data-Driven Marketing! (Plus, Resources to Help You Get Started)

The use of aptly named “big data” to drive marketing has become the de facto approach over the past 25 years as more information about consumer buying behavior has become available. In fact, there is so much data now that many experts suggest only Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be able to help us make sense [...]

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6 Email Marketing Acquisition Data Points You Need to Measure

For those Realtors® just starting out, email marketing can be challenging and even a bit overwhelming. Knowing the basic data points to capture and how to determine the effectiveness of individual campaigns is the best place to start. Effective and Affordable Kevin George, writing for the website emailmonks.com, aggregated a great list of email marketing [...]

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2 Open House Marketing Strategies You Haven’t Tried Yet

Open house season is just around the corner. That means it’s time to take your open house marketing and executing strategy to the next level. Like most Realtors®, you may have mixed emotions about open house events. Depending on the weather they can be great or a big disappointment. If that’s how you see it, [...]

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Realtors: How to Make PR Work for You

Whether it’s brand building, promoting new listings, or introducing yourself, public relations can be an effective way to get and keep your name out in the community—and another way to drive more business to your online marketing efforts. A Public Relations Strategy There’s more to PR than press releases. Building rapport as a real estate [...]

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