Tech Trends – Real Estate

Emerging technologies over the past thirty years have offered all of us many new ways to work. First, the personal computer revolutionized marketing with desktop publishing, then internet provided a level playing field for commerce and the ability to work remotely, and most recently the smartphone took that computing power and connectivity and put it in our pockets.

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Referrals – When to ask for them

While it may seem counterintuitive, even when you’ve done your best work for a client, you can’t always count on getting a referral. This is simply human nature. If you want something, you have to ask for it. But, even when you feel it is well deserved, asking for something can be difficult and awkward. When is the right time to ask? How should you ask?

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Why Building Trust is Critical to Your Brand

If you’re going to be successful as a real estate professional you need to build trust with your clients. Though it may seem like an obvious point, with so many other things to consider in building your business, from logo to listings, blog posts to social media, there are so many pieces that combined build a reputation and a brand that we sometimes forget the most critical component, the foundation, the centerpiece of any good and profitable relationship, trust. Trust will get you new business and referrals.

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Nailing the Listing Presentation

Why list with you? Isn’t that the real question you want to answer in the initial presentation? If you answered no, you’re correct. While the listing presentation is a great opportunity to display your bona fides, it’s really more like a job interview. Anyone who’s been on a job interview and seen the response you get when you walk the interviewer through your resume should understand.  They’ve seen your resume. You’re there to ask questions, to better understand the position you’re applying for. The same is true for your listing presentation.

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You sell houses, but do you sell homeownership?

Owning a home has been the objective of generations since the very beginning of the republic. As a real estate agent, your primary task is to find the right home for your customer.  But, you also have an opportunity to promote the concept of homeownership to those who’ve yet to take the plunge. By doing so, you market both your expertise on the subject and your business.

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Women on the Move

More single women buying a home is on the rise. When it comes to your marketing efforts, is this a demographic you're paying attention to?

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