2019 Home Tax Deductions and What New Homeowners Need to Know

If you're one of the millions of Americans who dreads tax season, you may just be in luck — at least if you bought or sold a home this year. Homeowners can usually qualify for a number of valuable write-offs and tax deductions that other citizens don't have access to. They can lower your [...]

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7 Things About Taxes Every Freelancer Should Know

From the non-traditional schedule to the flexibility of location, freelancing certainly has its perks. When it comes time for tax season, though? It’s pretty easy to lose sight of them. Taxes for a freelancer are notoriously confusing. From the write-offs we’re eligible for to just calculating our many streams of disparate income, there are a [...]

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Your Total Guide to 2019 Tax Deadlines

Yep, it's that time of year again: tax season. Confused about what is due and when for your federal taxes? Here are the dates and forms you'll need to file quarterly installment payments, monthly payments if you work for tips, and the deadlines for filing your yearly tax returns. We've also added tax deadlines [...]

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First-Time Homebuyer? Leverage Your Tax Refund to Help

It’s tax season, and you know what that means: a hefty refund could be just around the corner. What will you use it on? A shopping spree? A much-needed vacation? New clothes or shoes? If buying a home is anywhere on your radar, you might want to think again. Earmarking that refund for your [...]

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Should I Pay My Property Taxes Early?

The property tax deduction is one of the biggest benefits of homeownership — even with the latest tax reform. Though new tax laws cap the deduction at $10,000, the large majority of American homeowners fall under this threshold, meaning they can deduct the full amount of their property taxes year after year, for as long [...]

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Real Estate Agent Expenses You Should Be Meticulously Tracking

If you aren't tracking your business expenses or waiting to the last minute to recreate a year's worth of traveled miles, phone bills, office supplies purchased, or any other deductible expenses, you may be missing out on significant savings. Expense Tracking for Agents Whether you're self-employed or working for a brokerage from your home office, [...]

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CPAs Answer Homeowner Questions About the New 2018 Tax Law

Since the final version of a $1.5 trillion tax reform bill was passed in December 2017, taxpayers across the nation have been trying to figure out how the changes will affect their lives and finances. As a mortgage company, we’ve done our best to keep homeowners informed about how specific provisions may impact them. We’re [...]

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Buying a Second Home? What the Latest Tax Reform Means for You

The latest tax reform impacts all Americans, but in particular, homeowners. Just see our latest blog for full details on how it influences your current mortgage—as well as your annual income taxes and deductions. But what about second homes and vacation properties? If these are on your radar for 2018, you’re probably wondering how recent [...]

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