8 Tips for Working with Out-Of-Town Homebuyers

Relocation clients and out-of-town buyers can be a lucrative niche for real estate agents who specialize in them.  For one, these buyers need extra handholding and guidance – and they’re usually willing to pay extra for it. On top of this, they can also be a good source of future referrals, especially if they [...]

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6 Productivity Tips to Make the Most of Your Work Day

As an agent, your productivity is directly tied to your bottom line. The more you can get done, the more leads you gain, sales you can close, and money you can make in the process. But you’re juggling a lot. Half the time, it feels like you’re doing all you can just to keep [...]

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How to Be the Real Estate Agent That Investors Want to Work With

To real estate agents, investor clients are like the Holy Grail.  Unlike other buyers and sellers, investors aren’t a one-and-done client you serve once every 10 years. Instead, investors can offer a steady stream of sales — season after season, year after year. Not only does that mean more in commissions (and more consistent [...]

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7 Ways Real Estate Agents Can Get More Quality Referrals

Referrals hold serious value for real estate agents. In fact, for some agents, referrals might even be their bread and butter — the main way they attract, find, and close business. A new report proves as much, showing that 17 percent of agents earn anywhere from $20,000 to $50,000 annually thanks to other agents’ [...]

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8 Tips for Finding Your Perfect Real Estate Niche

Focusing on a specific niche of real estate can be a great career-booster. It can make it easier to find clients, help maximize your earnings, and make your entire job easier on the whole (you only need to know one part of the market!) But determining your niche? That’s not always easy. There are dozens [...]

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7 Things Real Estate Agents Should Know About iBuyers

iBuyers are the talk of the industry lately, and it’s no wonder. In just Phoenix alone, iBuyers have accounted for more than 7,600 transactions since 2017. They’re also accounting for about 10 percent of all institutional investments, too. And they do it all without agents. For the most part, iBuyers are designed to be a [...]

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