Going to a New Agency? 4 Templates for Announcing the Change

Nearly every agent will change brokerages at least once in their career. Whether it’s due to a move, a problem with how the last agency was operated, or just the need for a change of scenery, switching brokerages is often inevitable — but it shouldn’t mean a huge disruption in your career by any means. [...]

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4 Tips for Succeeding as an Introverted Real Estate Agent

On its face, the idea of an introverted real estate agent might seem contradictory. After all, don’t agents need to interface with buyers, sellers, and their professional network daily? Don’t they need expert sales skills and a hard-lined negotiating strategy in order to get the best deals? Aren’t they communicating, coordinating, and interacting constantly on [...]

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Fraud in Real Estate: How to Protect Your Clients (And Yourself)

Fraud is a rising problem in the real estate world. Buyers are losing huge down payments due to increasing instances of wire fraud and hackers. While renters, on the other hand, are losing out on entire properties — not to mention associated security deposits — thanks to fake landlords and duplicate listings that aren’t even [...]

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8 Events Real Estate Agents Need On Their Radar In 2019

Attending industry events is a great way to stay abreast of changing trends, keep up with the latest technology, and network with potential partners and vendors from across the country. It’s a pretty nice break from the daily grind, too! Not sure which events should be on your radar this year? We’ve rounded up your [...]

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Real Estate Agent Headshots: Tips, Dos and Don’ts for Your Next Photo Shoot

Your headshots are an extremely important part of your brand as a real estate agent. They’re on the business cards you hand to prospective clients, they're plastered on billboards, park benches, and listings across the web, and they play a role in how approachable, professional, and trustworthy you look to the outside world. Want to [...]

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Buyer Must-Haves: All the Noteworthy Home Features Buyers are Eyeing in 2019

Buyer must-haves are always evolving. In the 50s, it was carports and linoleum flooring, and in the 80s it was skylights and mirrored closets. In 2019? It’s all about the laundry room. According to the National Association of Home Builders' latest home trends report, a whopping 91% of homebuyers say the laundry room is a [...]

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Agents: Impress Your Buyers with These 9 Perfect Gifts

As an agent, you’re not just helping your clients buy and sell homes. You’re helping them make life changes. You’re helping them reach their goals. You’re helping them achieve their dreams. And all those milestones? They deserve celebrating. The Right Gifts for the Right Occasion The right gift can help you ring in those big [...]

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7 Tips for Texting Every Real Estate Agent Should Know

Texting can be a great way to build rapport with clients and partners, as well as speed up the entire real estate funnel from start to finish. Need feedback on an offer? Send a text. Want to tell your buyer about a brand new listing that just went out? Shoot over an SMS. Want to [...]

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