Inventory Shortage? No Problem. Here’s How to Find a House When Listings are Scarce

A shortage of housing inventory made it difficult for many homebuyers to find a house this year. And according to many experts, next year may be much of the same. As more and more Baby Boomers age in place and existing homeowners stay in their homes longer (an average of 23 years in some [...]

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9 Tips and Tricks for Winning a Bidding War

If you’re buying a home in a hot market or you’re just eyeing a super in-demand property, you very well might find yourself in a bidding war, competing with dozens of other offers, buyers and, in many cases, even investors. Fortunately, a bidding war doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll lose the property — nor does [...]

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Understanding the Mortgage Underwriting Process

Underwriting can seem like the most mysterious part of the mortgage loan approval process. What are underwriters? And what do they do? A Quick Overview of Mortgage Underwriting Mortgage underwriters assess risk. Using specific, pre-determined guidelines, they look at things like your credit history, debt-to-income ratio, and other assets, to figure out if you [...]

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What to Do if You Inherit a House

There’s no doubt about it: a home isn’t the easiest thing to come into. Do you sell it and cash in right away? Do you move in? Do you wait around for the market to improve and its value to rise? There are lots of options when you’ve inherited a home — and it’s certainly [...]

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The Ultimate Guide to Rate Locks

When mortgage rates suddenly dipped to long-awaited lows earlier this year, rate locks became more popular than ever, giving buyers peace of mind that those low rates would be honored — even if it took weeks (or sometimes months) to find that perfect home, finalize their loan application, and close on the mortgage. But rate [...]

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Why It Can Be Better to Purchase a Home Than Rent

It's an age-old question that is once again at the forefront of many people's minds: Is it better to rent or purchase a home? People who are considering a change in their current living situation may wrestle with the decision of what's best for them. While one person's situation is certainly different from another's, [...]

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Buying a Home in 2019? Make These 4 New Year’s Resolutions

Thinking of buying a home sometime next year? Then forget pledging to eat healthier or get more sleep this NYE. Instead, make these financially-focused New Year’s resolutions and put yourself on the path to affordable homeownership: Improve your credit score — even just a little bit. Work on paying down your debts and credit [...]

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The Future of Pre-Qualifying for a Mortgage — It’s Now in One Text

Doesn’t it seem like the first step in accomplishing almost anything is always the hardest? That common paralysis happens to people all the time in a variety of circumstances, especially when decisions can be life-changing. One of those big events under the “life-changing” category? Buying or refinancing a home — something Embrace has a lot [...]

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Renting to Own: How to Transform Rent Payments into a Mortgage

Why pay rent toward someone else’s mortgage when you could put that cash toward your own? That’s exactly the thought behind renting to own agreements, which let you rent a property, apply a portion of your rent costs toward the mortgage and, eventually, purchase the home from the landlord after the lease comes to an end. It’s [...]

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