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Why Are 2019 Mortgage Rates Dropping So Low?

You might have seen the headlines: mortgage rates are dropping — and have been for some time. In fact, as of mid-August, they're actually near three-year lows. That means refinancing your mortgage or buying a home might be more affordable than ever. But what's at work here? Why are rates dropping so low and [...]

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2018 Mortgage Rates: How They Work

If you’ve never bought a home before, or even if you have, the most mysterious piece of the mortgage loan process is understanding current mortgage interest rates. How are mortgage rates determined? Why do mortgage rates fluctuate? And why do they differ from one lender to another? The Prime Rate Current mortgage interest rates are [...]

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Shopping for the Best Mortgage Rates

Most people wouldn’t buy a new computer without shopping around first. They’d research different models and manufacturers, try out a few options in store, and compare pricing online and in their local electronics shops—all to ensure they get the absolute best product at the best price. So why not do the same with your mortgage [...]

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