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How to Calculate Your Mortgage Payment

Buying a home is probably the single largest purchase you’ll ever make in your life, and unless you are independently wealthy, you’ll need to take out a mortgage to help finance the cost to purchase one. For many, the biggest question then boils down to, “What are my monthly payments going to be?” Unfortunately, the [...]

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5 Benefits of Using an Online Mortgage Calculator

Mortgage calculators are pretty simple. They let you determine how much your monthly mortgage would cost based on a few simple factors — things like home price, interest rate, loan amount, loan term, and other details. And while that in itself is helpful — especially if you’re new to house hunting — that’s not [...]

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Shopping for the Best Mortgage Rates

Most people wouldn’t buy a new computer without shopping around first. They’d research different models and manufacturers, try out a few options in store, and compare pricing online and in their local electronics shops—all to ensure they get the absolute best product at the best price. So why not do the same with your mortgage [...]

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