Christmas Tree Inspo: 11 Trees You Have to See

Tired of the same old Christmas tree you’ve had year after year? Bored with the hodge-podge of homemade ornaments, flashing lights, and freebie bulbs you’ve gotten from holiday parties? Try changing it up this season. With the number of crafters and bloggers active on the web, there’s no shortage of stunning inspiration out there. [...]

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8 Tips and Tricks for Making the Most of Black Friday and Cyber Monday

It’s that time of year again: the time to spend, spend, spend. Are you already worried about how much the holidays are going to cost you? Fretting about stuffing those stockings and checking off your kiddos’ lists? Fortunately, Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales abound this year. And if you play your cards right [...]

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Stay in This Labor Day with These 6 Fun Activities

Labor Day doesn’t have to mean braving jam-packed beaches or breaking the bank for a costly water park. In fact, you really don’t need to leave home at all. Take the holiday to connect with the ones you love, save some cash, and try one of these fun activities instead: 1. Watch a backyard [...]

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7 Tips for Stress-Free Holiday Hosting

Hosting a holiday get together can be a stressful affair. There’s food to cook, a house to clean, and people to entertain — sometimes all simultaneously. It’s enough to make even the most pulled together folks lose sleep at night. Don’t want your holiday hosting duties to keep you from counting sheep? Then follow these [...]

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Prevent Porch Theft with These 7 Tips

The convenience of online shopping — free shipping, next-day delivery — is under threat by package thieves, also known as "porch pirates." This threat is as common in rural locations as it is in urban and suburban communities. According to a survey of online shoppers conducted by the Shorr Packaging Corporation, 31% of respondents [...]

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8 Tips for Selling Your Home During the Holidays

It’s no secret that the housing market slows down in the winter. With the holidays, the traveling, and the colder weather, buyers just aren’t as eager as they were earlier in the year — and they might even have a smaller budget. Still, that doesn’t mean selling your home this winter is impossible. It [...]

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