Lawn Mowing Tips for Beginners

Congratulations! You've just bought your first home and are finding yourself with a lawn to care for. If you've never mowed before, it's not complicated — provided you have a good working knowledge of the basics. The mower. The size of the mower depends on the size of your yard. If you have a small [...]

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Composting 101: How to Make a Compost Bin

Want a lusher, greener garden? Prettier flowers? A way to lessen your environmental footprint? Then composting’s the way to go. And fortunately, it’s not that hard to get started. Composting is as easy as taking the trash you already produce, tucking it away for a bit, and waiting for the magic to happen. Wondering How [...]

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A Guide to Keeping Your Garden Fresh in Summer Heat

Keeping your garden cool and fresh becomes even more important as those balmy spring temperatures rise to summer highs. Water is key, whether you're growing flowers or hoping to reap a harvest of summer vegetables. And, while the serious drought conditions many parts of the country experienced just a few years back have receded, water [...]

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Spring Landscaping for Your First Home

Spring is fully upon us, and for once, you actually have a yard to think about! Sure, you might have cared for some succulents or a few potted plants in your apartment, but as a new homeowner, you now have a full lawn under your purview – and the possibilities are endless. What should you [...]

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