Thinking of Selling Your Home? You Have These 3 Options

The real estate industry is evolving, and there’s no longer just one tried-and-true way to do things. Thanks to technological advances, innovative new processes, and an ever-revolving door of start-ups and creative thinkers, buyers and sellers now have tons of options when deciding how to start, manage and, ultimately, finalize their transactions. Take selling a [...]

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Is it Smart to Sell Your Own Home in a Hot Market?

We’re in a seller’s market for sure, but does that mean you should sell your own home without the help of a real estate agent? Probably not. While yes, going FSBO (for sale by owner) could save you that hefty agent commission, it could also cost you big time on sales price. There’s also all [...]

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How to Convince an FSBO to List with You

As a real estate agent, seeing those “for sale by owner” signs has to make you cringe. Why would anyone try and sell their home without an agent? Do they really know what they’re in for? What they’re risking? In all honesty, they probably don’t. The biggest reason people choose to sell their home sans [...]

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