The Best Ways to Consolidate Your Debt

Whether your credit card balances have gotten out of hand or you’re just tired of tracking 15 different bills and payments every month, debt consolidation can be a great option—saving you both money and hassle over the long term. Put simply, debt consolidation allows you to roll all of your debts (everything from medical bills [...]

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Easy Ways to Improve Your Credit—FAST

Your credit score is an important factor in securing a mortgage, but having a low credit score today doesn't mean you will never be able to buy a home. Many people who have recovered from financial setbacks or bankruptcy have gone on to become homeowners in good standing. You can't raise your credit score overnight, [...]

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How to Protect Your Credit and Pay Down Your Debt from the Holidays

The beauty of buying on credit during the holidays is that you can purchase whatever you can’t afford at that particular moment. However, after all the gifts are opened, and you get back to real life, that credit card debt still need to be paid. Failure to pay on time---or failure to pay at all---can do serious [...]

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4 Ways to Make a Dent in Your Debt—in a Big Way

When you have lots of debt, it’s easy to feel like there’s no way out---no light at the end of the tunnel. Late on payments and overwhelmed with loans and credit card balances, it can seem like things are spiraling out of control quickly and the only option you have is to run fast or file [...]

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