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Easy Ways to Improve Your Credit—FAST

Your credit score is an important factor in securing a mortgage, but having a low credit score today doesn't mean you will never be able to buy a home. Many people who have recovered from financial setbacks or bankruptcy have gone on to become homeowners in good standing. You can't raise your credit score overnight, [...]

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Consolidating Debt

With mortgage in interest rates still at all-time lows, many homeowners are refinancing to lower their interest rates, shorten the terms of their loan or pay for home improvement projects. Refinancing can also let you use your home equity to consolidate debt from credit card or other loans. Let's talk a bit more about what [...]

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What a Loan Refinance Means for Your Bank Account

There are lots of benefits when you refinance loans---particularly in this time of historically low mortgage rates. By refinancing, you can take advantage of those low rates, lower your monthly mortgage payments, and leverage the equity in your home to put more cash in your pocket or away for a rainy day. Are you considering refinancing your [...]

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