7 Tips for Cat-Proofing Your Home

Are you getting a new feline friend? Buying a house and bringing Fluffy along? Then cat-proofing should be on your radar — not just to protect your home and belongings, but also to keep your furry pal safe from harm.  Do you need help cat-proofing your humble abode? Here are seven ways to do [...]

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Pet-Friendly Fabrics and Flooring for Your Home

Contrary to popular belief, pets and a put-together home really can coexist — and it doesn’t mean banishing your furry friends to the yard or kennel either. All it takes is the right mix of fabrics and floorings, and your home can stay stylish, on-trend and, most importantly, safe from those scratches, odors, and [...]

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Selling Your Home When You Have Pets

Fido and Fluffy might be your best friends, but there’s no doubt about it: they'll make selling your home a little bit more difficult. Not only are there the logistics to deal with (where will you put them during showings?), but there’s also all the side effects of pet ownership you’ll need to tackle [...]

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