Beyond Success Story #18: A Jumbo Loan with a Low Down Payment

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During our more than 35 years in business, we’ve learned that it’s impossible for every potential borrower to have a near-perfect credit score, steady W2 income, and zero past events (like a bankruptcy or foreclosure). As a real estate agent, you’ve undoubtedly learned the same — but that certainly doesn’t make your job any easier [...]

5 Best Practices When Pitching Yourself via Email

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We probably spend more time on email than anything else, making it one of the most direct and successful ways to communicate with prospects looking to obtain a mortgage loan. When pitching yourself via email, you want to keep it short and sweet, but with plenty of quality information that helps you seal the deal [...]

6 Grammar & Writing Apps to Keep You From Embarrassing Yourself

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As a mortgage loan officer, you deal with numbers all day long — but another important part of your profession is communication with clients. Every written communication you have should be pristine and error-free on your end. To help you with this, here are six grammar & writing apps to keep you from embarrassing yourself [...]

Mortgage Rates Are Low and Credit Is There — So, What’s Up?

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Mortgage rates are down and it appears homeowners have caught on and the industry is enjoying a refi boom. Mortgage refinance applications were up about 45% from the prior week. Lower rates, though, don't seem to be creating significant numbers of potential homebuyers. Applications to purchase a home were up — but only by about [...]

5 Real Estate Scams That Buyers, Sellers and Renters Need to Watch Out for

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The real estate industry is rife with scam artists, and millions of homebuyers, sellers, and owners fall victim every year. (Heck, I was almost one of them!) The truth is, the more that real estate and its processes go digital, the more at risk our data, information and, most importantly, finances are as we go [...]

Buying a House with Bad Credit: Can It Be Done?

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Your credit score plays a huge role in your ability to get to mortgage — not to mention how easy the process is and what interest rates you'll qualify for. Are you worried your credit isn't good enough? You're not alone. Many would-be homeowners fear their credit scores will mean sky-high rates and massive down [...]

Mechanical, Electronic, and Smart Lockboxes: The Pros and Cons

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It seems mechanical, manual lockboxes are on the way out. Today’s agents are increasingly opting for electronic options, like Supras and SentriLocks, which allow for mobile control, remote re-keying, and full cataloging of all visitors and access times. They can even help agents limit showing hours and other details. Case in point: In May, the [...]

8 Considerations When Painting Inside Your Home

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Painting your home’s interior isn’t as simple as hitting up the local hardware store and grabbing a few cans of your favorite hue. The truth is painting is much more nuanced than that. It impacts your home’s overall aesthetic and look, and there are dozens of factors that should influence what paint you choose, how [...]

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