Easy Home Improvement Projects that Can Cut Down Your Energy Bill

As we get further into fall, energy bills start to climb. Faced with chilly nights and frosty mornings, many homeowners are running their heaters day and night – a decision that means higher electric costs and more energy usage on the whole. But cold weather doesn’t automatically mean you have to shell out more on [...]

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You sell houses, but do you sell homeownership?

Owning a home has been the objective of generations since the very beginning of the republic. As a real estate agent, your primary task is to find the right home for your customer.  But, you also have an opportunity to promote the concept of homeownership to those who’ve yet to take the plunge. By doing so, you market both your expertise on the subject and your business.

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HARP Loans and Their Benefits Explained

If you are barely treading water with your mortgage payments, a loan through the Home Affordable Refinance Program, or HARP, may be for you. HARP loans are designed for home owners who need to refinance to keep their homes but fail to qualify for typical refinancing. If you qualify, a HARP loan can help you obtain a mortgage with more affordable terms.

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