Let’s Chat! Could Your Real Estate Business Benefit from a Chatbot?

Chatbots are a great way to ensure leads (and existing customers) get instant, quick service, even when you're away from the desk or closed for business. They can also help streamline your lead intake and marketing processes, while also increasing your internal efficiency and cutting costs simultaneously. Best of all? They’re affordable, easy to [...]

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13 Technologies Helping Agents Up Their Game

Technology has continued to change the real estate industry. It has given real estate agents the opportunity to work more efficiently, productively, and have a more flexible workflow. Agents are no longer chained to their desks and can successfully follow up with clients while hosting an open house or while on the go. Take [...]

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The Future of Pre-Qualifying for a Mortgage — It’s Now in One Text

Doesn’t it seem like the first step in accomplishing almost anything is always the hardest? That common paralysis happens to people all the time in a variety of circumstances, especially when decisions can be life-changing. One of those big events under the “life-changing” category? Buying or refinancing a home — something Embrace has a lot [...]

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What Real Estate Agents Should Know About Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

If you pay attention to real estate news, you know cryptocurrency (like Bitcoin) are making a splash in the industry. From all-Bitcoin offers to the constant stream of new blockchain buying tech that’s emerging, these unique, innovative, and ever-evolving financial tools are all the rage. But for the average industry participant — one used to [...]

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Buying a Home? There’s an App for That

Technology has made homebuying immensely easier. Not too long ago, you could only find home listings through a real estate agent. The agent would comb listings, forwarding ones they thought would fit the bill, potentially only sending the ones that meant the highest commission fee. In short, buyers had much less control over their shopping [...]

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What is a Matterport 3D Camera and How You Can Get One at a Discount?

Imagine potential buyers previewing your latest listing by walking through it in high definition on their computer or mobile device. Not those cramped 360 virtual reality tours with their “fish eye” view, but a 3 dimensional walk-through so realistic it looks and feels as if you’re actually there.

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Tech Trends – Real Estate

Emerging technologies over the past thirty years have offered all of us many new ways to work. First, the personal computer revolutionized marketing with desktop publishing, then internet provided a level playing field for commerce and the ability to work remotely, and most recently the smartphone took that computing power and connectivity and put it in our pockets.

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