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Take a Break with Some Feel Good News

Rates and home prices still are up. Inventory and affordability are still down. Nothing is much different from the past several weeks. Same old, same old. Seems like an eternity since there has been really good news in the mortgage or real estate markets. So, it's time to mix it up with some feel good [...]

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8 Thank You Note Templates for Real Estate Agents

As a real estate agent, thank you notes are a great way to show your appreciation, foster customer loyalty, and solicit referrals. But most agents? They just don’t have time to crank out a handwritten note for every client and vendor they come in contact with. Fortunately, in today’s world, a thank you email will [...]

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Are Mortgage and Real Estate Markets Transitioning to a New Normal?

Things in the mortgage and real estate markets have not changed much in the past week or so. Rates are basically flat, affordability is down because inventory is low, and prices are continuing to rise because of the demand created by the remarkably low inventory — especially when it comes to entry level homes. Much [...]

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Using Facebook Live to Market Your Business

Imagine walking all your potential buyers on Facebook through your latest listing, showing them the house room by room and pointing out unique features as you go — granite countertops, spacious closets, a beautifully tiled fireplace. Or going down to check out the basement, out to the garage, or admiring the lawn and garden. Imagine [...]

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You’re on LinkedIn, but Are You Using It Correctly?

LinkedIn is a great tool for networking, finding leads, and making connections — particularly for real estate agents. But it’s also not an “if you build it, they will come” situation. Though you might be on LinkedIn, that doesn’t automatically mean it’s going to up your sales or increase your revenues. In fact, it could [...]

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A New Creative Financing Solution to Help Your Homebuyers

At the end of July, Embrace Home Loans will be taking advantage of some agency guideline changes, offering a 3% down conventional mortgage to first-time homebuyers without any of the income and geographic restrictions currently in place. This announcement may seem a little premature, but it is useful information to have as you work with clients [...]

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May 2018 Market Update to Inform Your Marketing

With April behind us and the spring selling season well underway, keeping tabs on the national economic picture not only serves to foreshadow potential changes in local markets, it also helps us better understand the mindset of both buyers and sellers and how we market to them. Primary Drivers: Rising interest rates expected to continue [...]

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Why Affordability May Become a Big Issue for Homebuyers

Media reports recently indicated that mortgage rates hit a four-year high last week when they reached 4.46% for a 30-year mortgage. Headlines read that this was the highest level since January 2014. They are even higher this week. While it sounds daunting, in a historical context, today's rates are only a little over half of [...]

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Best Practices for Posting on Social Media

When posting on social media, there are three important factors a Realtor® should consider: The character and quality of the content The channel Timing Unlike email campaigns or flyer distribution — which tend to focus on primarily on brand building — social media allows for more wiggle room when it comes to content. Social doesn’t [...]

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9 Reasons You Should Be Using Video Tours to Sell Homes

With the advent and increased use of virtual home tours over the last dozen years, Realtors® have had a new and highly effective tool to reach a wider audience. A virtual tour presents a 360-degree panoramic view of a home, comprised of multiple still shots taken using a fish-eye lens from a single vantage point [...]

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