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Setting Expectations with Your Home Buyers

Most home buyers---particularly the first time homebuyer, come in pretty optimistic. They’re excited at the premise of finding their dream home, and they’re ready to hit the ground running. Though that optimism is certainly enviable, it’s important for real estate agents to temper that excitement with a dose of reality. What can the buyer expect [...]

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7 Ways to Catch the Eye of the Reader

With so much to read online and so little time, getting and keeping a reader's attention requires more than a provocative headline or even a good story. With constantly breaking news, overflowing email inboxes, and a barrage of blog and social media posts, you need to present your work in an eye-catching way. How can you [...]

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4 Real Estate Trends Realtors Should Watch in 2018

With a new year comes new predictions. To better assist clients entering the market in 2018, here are four of the 2018 real estate trends and questions that may come up as the spring buying season approaches. Supply and Demand While the demand for housing remains strong, the inventory shortage you may have personally experienced [...]

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Realtors: How to Sell Yourself Upfront

When it comes to real estate marketing, the ultimate goal is referrals—and rightly so. Referrals are: ⇒ The result of your relationship-building efforts, successful sales history, and ability to deliver a great customer experience ⇒ The end result of your marketing strategy ⇒ The reason you offer thoughtful and informative content on your website and [...]

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Be Prepared for These All-too-common First-time Home Buyer Questions

First-time home buyers make up a big share of the housing market. In fact, according to the National Association of Realtors, they accounted for about a third of all sales in 2016. And though a first-time home buyer will typically choose a lower-priced home than a more experienced one (meaning less in commission), they also [...]

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