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Mortgage Rates Are Low and Credit Is There — So, What’s Up?

Mortgage rates are down and it appears homeowners have caught on and the industry is enjoying a refi boom. Mortgage refinance applications were up about 45% from the prior week. Lower rates, though, don't seem to be creating significant numbers of potential homebuyers. Applications to purchase a home were up — but only by about [...]

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Mechanical, Electronic, and Smart Lockboxes: The Pros and Cons

It seems mechanical, manual lockboxes are on the way out. Today’s agents are increasingly opting for electronic options, like Supras and SentriLocks, which allow for mobile control, remote re-keying, and full cataloging of all visitors and access times. They can even help agents limit showing hours and other details. Case in point: In May, the [...]

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4 Things to Know Prior to Negotiating a Home Purchase

As a real estate agent, you play a number of critical roles during the home buying process. You solicit new business, conduct open houses, and walk through your clients' homes to better understand their preferences. But, perhaps the most important role, is your ability to negotiate the final price and conditions of a client's home [...]

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Is This a Sustainable Housing Market?

"Tepid." That's been one description of the home purchase market this spring. Applications to purchase a home were off slightly for the week — but still a little better than this time last year. Pending home sales were down also, just about as much as mortgage applications to purchase a home, which makes sense. Given [...]

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7 Things Real Estate Agents Should Know About iBuyers

iBuyers are the talk of the industry lately, and it’s no wonder. In just Phoenix alone, iBuyers have accounted for more than 7,600 transactions since 2017. They’re also accounting for about 10 percent of all institutional investments, too. And they do it all without agents. For the most part, iBuyers are designed to be a [...]

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Beyond Success Story #17: Helping a Real Estate Agent Make a Personal Purchase

During our more than 35 years in business, we’ve learned that it’s impossible for every potential borrower to have a near-perfect credit score, steady W2 income, and zero past events (like a bankruptcy or foreclosure). As a real estate agent, you’ve undoubtedly learned the same — but that certainly doesn’t make your job any easier [...]

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Why We Need to Stop Blaming Housing Market Malaise on the Trade War with China

For many of us, "Made in China" was commonly found on the packaging of most of our toys as children. Electronics were "Made in Japan" until eventually those electronics were also made in China. A grandfather's protest and objection to not "buying American" fell on our parents' deaf ears as they looked to stretch budgets. [...]

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3 Things Real Estate Agents Need to Know About AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been the "next big thing" for a while now. AI brings machine intelligence to the analysis of all the "big data" that's being accumulated. While the real impact of AI on the real estate business may still be years away, understanding its capabilities and potential now will lead to new applications [...]

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