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Beep Beep! Crucial Car Tips for Realtors on the Go

As a Realtor, your car is one of your most important possessions. It’s what allows you to get to and from showings, closings, and open houses, and it’s how you scout out potential properties for your clients. In short: it’s vital to your job. As such, caring for that car is vital to your job, [...]

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Elevate the Open House Experience: Inside Tips from a Top Realtor

In this digital age of Instagram, Facebook, Zillow, and other various marketing sites, Realtors mustn't forget the value of a traditional open house. Open houses sell homes. By exposing a buyer to a home and getting them inside, the chances of selling a home increase substantially. Outside of the obvious benefits, a Realtor also has [...]

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Saving Future Referrals When a Transaction Goes South

It’s been said a million times, but a successful real estate business is built on relationships. From real world networking to the virtual world of your website and social media, all your marketing efforts are focused on making new connections, building on current business, and leveraging past clients for referrals. In a perfect world these [...]

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Easy Ways to Enhance Your Real Estate Listings

A great listing is the foundation for any property sale’s success — no marketing strategy, no outreach technique, and no open house event can make an impact without one. Fortunately, improving your listings and enhancing their value doesn’t have to take a whole lot of time or effort. In fact, with just a few extra [...]

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Senate Passes $428 Billion Farm Bill (Plus Interest Rate Updates)

The U.S. Senate recently passed what is generally known as the Farm Bill. Why does that mean anything to a real estate or mortgage lending professional? Because the bill provides for the continuation of sugar tariffs in order to ensure the market is not flooded with sugar imports. Whoops, sorry — wrong section of the bill. The [...]

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How to Convince an FSBO to List with You

As a real estate agent, seeing those “for sale by owner” signs has to make you cringe. Why would anyone try and sell their home without an agent? Do they really know what they’re in for? What they’re risking? In all honesty, they probably don’t. The biggest reason people choose to sell their home sans [...]

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14 Features Your Real Estate Website Must Have

The importance of maintaining, refreshing, and properly curating your website should not be underestimated. Your website is the central hub for your real estate business and it should be the place where all links lead. Consistently adding new and informative content is great (and essential), but if you don’t have a solid foundation with the [...]

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How to Stay Cool While Showing Homes in Hot Weather

The summer can be a particularly trying time for real estate agents. Not only are you busier than normal, but you’re also handling that bigger client load in not-so-ideal weather conditions. Shuttling around town, running to and from showings, and getting in and out of cars can leave even the fittest of agents sweating and [...]

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