5 Ingredients for the Perfect Staycation

There may be many reasons why you're unable to get away for a "real" vacation. Work is one, finances may be another. But just because you can't fly off to Aruba or sail to the Greek Islands doesn't mean you can't still enjoy a fun and relaxing "staycation" that leaves you refreshed and ready to [...]

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Father’s Day 2019: 9 Gifts Dad Will Love

When it comes to gift giving, dads can be a challenge. To make this Father's Day easier, here are some gifts that are sure to please even the most discerning dad. 1. For a Laugh If you're looking for a little gift with big laughs, Elias Hill's book "101 So Bad, They're Good Dad Jokes" [...]

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11 Yard Sale Tips and Tricks for a Successful Day

Looking to declutter and make a little extra cash in the process? With spring in full swing and a basement or attic filled to the brim, a good old fashioned yard sale might be just a thing. A well-organized and fairly-priced yard sale can make you more cash than you might expect. Here are some [...]

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