Toolbox Must-Haves for New Homeowners

The prospect of being a new homeowner — particularly a first-time homeowner — is exhilarating. Finally free of your landlord, you have the chance to personalize your new abode. Of course, without a landlord, you also have the added responsibility of managing the upkeep of your new home. And, as any experienced homeowner will [...]

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Too Many Photos? Here’s How to Free Up Space on Your Phone

A decade or two ago, we’d snap photos on physical cameras and get them developed at the local drug store. Now? They’re all stored on our most precious devices — our phones. Thanks to their high-quality, built-in cameras, our phones allow us to take more photos than ever. And while more memories is certainly [...]

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5 Things to Think About Before Starting a Hobby Farm

Rural living and hobby farming hold great appeal as alternative lifestyles. Growing your own food and raising livestock in a rural area can provide a much-needed escape from city living and the suburban sprawl. Is a hobby farm right for you? Here are some things you'll want to consider before making a decision: 1. [...]

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Stay in This Labor Day with These 6 Fun Activities

Labor Day doesn’t have to mean braving jam-packed beaches or breaking the bank for a costly water park. In fact, you really don’t need to leave home at all. Take the holiday to connect with the ones you love, save some cash, and try one of these fun activities instead: 1. Watch a backyard [...]

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New Jersey Police and Firefighter Mortgage Program

As an active police officer, I understand the potential stresses and financial burdens our everyday heroes go through on a daily basis. With the increased medical coverage and pension contributions over the past few years, many of our paychecks are potentially decreasing instead of increasing, despite the yearly percentage raises we receive. One way [...]

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