5 Fascinating Homes of Former U.S. Presidents

Everyone knows the most famous presidential home in the United States (hint: it's white), but where do these fine fellows live when they aren't leading the country? In honor of President's Day, we wanted to highlight five of our favorite homes that former U.S. Presidents have lived in at some point in their lives. And, [...]

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10 Ways to Avoid Cabin Fever While You’re Snowed In

Snow days at home always seem fun at first—who doesn’t love an excuse to skip work or school, stay inside, and get cozy in front of a fire? However, after a while, many of us can only watch so much Netflix before we start to get a touch of cabin fever. If you’re snowed in [...]

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New Year’s Resolutions: Ideas to Create Lasting Change

Studies upon studies have shown that people love to make New Year's resolutions, but they're not usually great at sticking to them. Researchers from the University of Scranton followed 200 people with resolutions over a two-year period. 77% of these people were able to keep their resolutions for one week---even 64% were still committed after [...]

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Marriage and Homeownership: How to Keep the Peace with Your New Roommate

Tying the knot and buying a home are only parts of the battle. The bigger challenge to tackle? That’s actually living together. Newly married couples often have growing pains when moving into their first home together. There are squabbles over who will do dishes and take out the trash, rolled eyes at annoying quirks and bad habits, and fights about money needed to pay bills or cover the mortgage.

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How to Save Money This Holiday Season—Without Being a Grinch

Don’t want to spend all your cash this season, but still aspire to buy your loved ones all those gifts they’ve been eyeing? Thankfully, wanting to save money doesn’t have to mean being a Grinch in this day and age. In fact, there are loads of programs, apps, and credit cards that will even reward [...]

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