A Season of Thanks: Showing Appreciation for Clients, Partners, and Colleagues

As we enter the holiday season, it seems only right to take a moment to show those clients, referral partners, and colleagues our appreciation. Thanksgiving through New Years is a great time to say thanks for their business, support, and friendship. Receiving a handwritten note of thanks is a reminder of time spent searching for [...]

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Write Your Own First-Time Homebuyer Guide (Part II)

For first-time homebuyers, knowing what to expect can make all the difference between a smooth home buying experience and a stressful one. In Part I, we focused on educating our first-timer on the financial aspects of home buying and the mortgage loan process. In Part II, we will look at the questions first-time homebuyers should [...]

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Write Your Own First-Time Homebuyer Guide (Part I)

Sharing your experience and expertise has its benefits — have you ever considered creating your own first-time homebuyer's guide? In addition to providing useful information, you also have an opportunity to make your pitch. For real estate agents comfortable with creating content, there are two approaches to choose from. The first is to focus primarily [...]

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UltraFICO: What a Change in Credit Reporting Could Mean for Agents

When it comes time to making an offer, smart real estate agents know a potential buyer who doesn't have a pre-approval from a lender presents a greater risk than one with pre-approval. A pre-approved borrower is more likely going to get final approval. And once the home appraisal is complete, the agent and seller can [...]

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5 Simple Steps for Effective Relationship Marketing

The fall and winter months are a great time to work on relationship marketing. A good relationship strategy is the key to success. New leads become become clients and clients become referral partners. Here's a simple checklist of the things you should be doing to strengthen those relationships and turn them into more new business. [...]

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Co-Living: New Real Estate Category or “Dorms for Grown-ups”?

Anyone who’s seen the HBO comedy Silicon Valley knows what a “hacker house” is. A group of twenty-somethings pool together their limited resources to rent or buy a single family home where they can pursue their dream of developing the next killer app. Each resident contributes to overall living expenses, sharing chores, and there's a [...]

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Quarterly Real Estate Market Update: Q3 2018

October marks the beginning of the final quarter of 2018. While the stock market continues to be firing on all cylinders, data suggests some slowing in the fourth quarter. The Trump administration's $2 billion tariffs on China are expected to play a key role in potentially stifling consumer confidence heading into the holidays. With mid-term [...]

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Mentoring to Make Connections in Real Estate

As a real estate agent, you're always looking for new ways to make connections and to build your brand. One unique way to do so is by becoming a mentor. There's never been a greater need for mentors. Whether it's mentoring an intern, or grooming an up-and-coming associate, taking someone "under your wing" can be [...]

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Keeping Prospects Engaged Until the Right Property Comes Along

Last week, we took a look at networking the old fashioned way. This is one way to leverage face-to-face interactions — particularly with businesses and professional colleagues — to generate solid referrals. Staying close to prospects requires more than just liking the client’s most recent Facebook post or tweet. Email is another worthy communication strategy, [...]

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Brush Up on Networking the Old Fashioned Way

It may be hard to believe, but the long hot summer of 2018 will soon be coming to an end. This means that Chamber of Commerce meetings, trade shows, industry conferences, and events are already scheduled for the fall. Are they on your calendar? Because adding to your database of potential clients and referral partners [...]

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