8 Content Ideas for Marketing Your Community (and Yourself)

It takes two things to make a house a home. The first is family, and the second is community. As an experienced REALTOR®, you possess a wealth of knowledge---not just your expertise as a real estate professional, but your experience as a citizen of the community in which you live. Use that knowledge of the town or city where [...]

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7 Ways to Catch the Eye of the Reader

With so much to read online and so little time, getting and keeping a reader's attention requires more than a provocative headline or even a good story. With constantly breaking news, overflowing email inboxes, and a barrage of blog and social media posts, you need to present your work in an eye-catching way. How can you [...]

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Realtors: How to Sell Yourself Upfront

When it comes to real estate marketing, the ultimate goal is referrals—and rightly so. Referrals are: ⇒ The result of your relationship-building efforts, successful sales history, and ability to deliver a great customer experience ⇒ The end result of your marketing strategy ⇒ The reason you offer thoughtful and informative content on your website and [...]

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Jump Start Spring by Hosting a Real Estate Seminar

One way to get out in front of the community in anticipation of the spring home-buying season is to hold an educational seminar on one, or even series of, topics. Giving talks about topics like renting versus owning, prepping your home for sale, or home-buying are a great way to introduce yourself and your services [...]

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13 Ways to Generate Real Estate Leads

Trend-watchers: Are you worried about another year of inventory shortages? It’s time to get back to basics, roll up your sleeves, and focus on lead generation. Here are 13 ways to find new listing: 1. Look to your buyers for referrals – Home-selling and home-buying can be contagious. Stay in touch with past buyers who were [...]

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What Every Realtor Should Know About the Newly Passed Tax Bill

The tax reform bill that passed just before Christmas 2017, and which goes into effect immediately, has some significant changes that may impact potential homebuyers. You may be saying to yourself—in the spirit of Dr. McCoy from the original Star Trek—“For God’s sake, Jim! I’m a Realtor, not an accountant!” Still, you must remember that [...]

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The Checklist You Need to Begin a Competitive Analysis

No matter what business you’re in, it’s important to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your competition. A competitive analysis is a critical piece of a company’s marketing and overall business plan. A true competitive analysis can be an involved process resulting in a detailed document. And, while working in this limited space doesn’t allow [...]

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The Questions You Need to Answer to Complete a SWOT Analysis

From time-to-time it’s beneficial to reassess your marketing. One way to do so is through a methodical SWOT analysis of your business. SWOT, an abbreviation for strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities, requires an honest close-up reassessment of you and your businesses strengths and weaknesses.

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13 Steps for Putting a Squeeze on Potential Clients

It’s one thing to get a visitor to your website and another to convert them to a client. For the longest time the goal was simply to lure a potential client to your homepage through a link embedded in an ad or maybe from a Facebook page in the hope that they would fill out a form and give you their much coveted email address. And, while the goal is still the same, the approach for capturing customer contact information has become more sophisticated and nuanced.

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What is a Matterport 3D Camera and How You Can Get One at a Discount?

Imagine potential buyers previewing your latest listing by walking through it in high definition on their computer or mobile device. Not those cramped 360 virtual reality tours with their “fish eye” view, but a 3 dimensional walk-through so realistic it looks and feels as if you’re actually there.

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