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Do You Play Nice with Others? 5 Self-Important Habits to Ditch

We have all battled with trying to maintain confidence while taking care to not come across as cocky or arrogant. The truth, though? No one is perfect, and it's easy to slip into an egotistical frame of mind. If you are worried about how you are being perceived at work, try ditching these five self-important [...]

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Send Your Social Profile to Rehab: 5 Tactics for Cleaning It Up

Cleaning up all of your social media profiles can go a long way and help improve your overall image. The biggest reason to make sure your profiles are clean is that customers research companies (and people) on the internet first — and you don't want them finding shoddy social media profiles that are less than [...]

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10 Gary Vaynerchuk Quotes to Fire Up Your Motivation

Gary Vaynerchuk — also known as Gary Vee — is an investor and serial entrepreneur. He's also a five-time New York Times Bestselling Author and the CEO of VaynerX. He has a huge personality and is well-respected within his industry. Gary uses social media to help inspire others and give his audience the boost we [...]

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5 Steps to Giving Your LinkedIn Profile a Makeover

When is the last time you looked at your LinkedIn profile? Perhaps it's been a couple of days, or even months. Since LinkedIn is the platform for business professionals, you want to ensure that your profile is up to date and looks professional. Give your LinkedIn profile a facelift with these 5 steps Step #1: [...]

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How Sleep Sets You Up for Success

If you want to be successful in life, sleep more. It sounds counterintuitive, but it's true. In fact, three of the richest men in America — Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffett, and Bill Gates — are all huge proponents of sleep. Numerous studies have documented how good (or bad) sleep affects human health. For example, sleep [...]

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These are the Top 4 Networking Groups for Loan Officers

It's so important for loan officers to continue to expand their professional networks and stay on top of everything happening within the mortgage industry. You don't want to fall behind the competition because you aren't well-connected. One way to stay on top of everything is to get involved in networking groups. Here are the top [...]

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