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Are Robots Gunning for Your Job?

Robots taking over the world has been a common theme in science fiction. But as technology has progressed, much of what used to be viewed as fiction has become reality. Even in our industry, automation is quickly transforming the homebuying experience for borrowers and lenders. And there have been tremendous benefits — so much so [...]

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3 Keys to Succeeding in a Rising Interest Rate Environment

For years, we've enjoyed historically low interest rates, but those days seem to be over. As of this writing, the benchmark 30-year fixed-rate mortgage is inching toward 5%, while the Fed seems poised to raise rates several more times in the coming year, which threatens to put a damper on home sales. Before panicking, understand [...]

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5 Tips for Successful Social Networking

Three-quarters of Americans use some form of social media, spending 90% of their waking hours connected to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram. Along the way, the debate over whether social media is acceptable in the workplace has almost vanished. In the mortgage industry, social media use is not only acceptable — it’s a requirement of [...]

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Is Your Manager Helping or Hurting Your Career?

What makes a good branch manager? The answer may depend on who you ask, but clearly, loan officers are very opinionated about this issue. Among the most frequent complaints about branch managers is that they are slow to act when a loan file needs approval, they micromanage staff, and they pass off problems to someone [...]

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