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10 Mindfulness Apps to Keep You Calm and Focused

Are you too busy to meditate, cynical about the benefits, or just turned off by the hype? The truth is, in an information-saturated world with multiple screens all competing to grab your attention, meditation can be a real blessing. And, if eking out 20 minutes in the morning and another 20 in the evening [...]

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13 Signs You Have a Great Boss (and 5 Signs You Don’t)

Do you have a great boss? Not quite sure? Here are some of the traits and characteristics you should be looking for in your present (and future) bosses. They are experienced. A good boss has the experience and knowledge to lead and cultivate a successful team. He or she has a strong working knowledge [...]

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The Power of Music and Its Impact on Your Motivation

Anyone who has worked out while listening to music knows the true power of beats per minute. Among its many benefits and pleasures, music motivates! Music and motivation: How it works Music stimulates the body's sympathetic nervous system — the system responsible for our fight or flight response — and readies us for action. [...]

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5 Body Language Cues to Look for When Meeting with Borrowers

You may prefer the phone, but when you meet with a prospective borrower in person, you have an advantage. By reading a person's body language, you can tell what's on their mind, if they're truly engaged, and if they understand the information you're providing. From our eyes to our feet, our bodies offer clues [...]

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Never Stop Learning: How to Grow and Evolve Every Day

Learning should be a lifelong pursuit. Knowledge and experience enrich our lives in unimaginable ways. Actively pursuing continuing education is a commitment to self-improvement that is both personally and professionally rewarding. Learning doesn't require a classroom, though. Instead, it's sometimes better to see the world as a classroom in and of itself. When we [...]

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Your Company Has Core Values — But What Are Yours?

When we hear the term "core values ," we usually think about the core values of the company where we work. A company's core values, in combination with its mission statement, provide not just a roadmap for goal-setting, but clear direction for the behavior of its employees in carrying out day-to-day business. Has your [...]

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5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Memory

Long-term memory is what helps us make sense of our reality — it's our story. Short-term memory works like the random access memory (RAM) in our computers. It holds current experiences and information before either deleting or saving them. In recent years, neuroscientists have come to realize that one of the most important functions [...]

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