6 Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed

Don’t want your new home covered in dog hair? Fortunately, that doesn’t have to mean forgoing a furry friend. There are plenty of dog breeds that don’t shed, leaving your new abode clean and fur-free. As a bonus, many are hypoallergenic, too — making them perfect for homeowners (or just visitors) with pet allergies and [...]

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Prep for the Seasonal Shift: Your November Home To-Do List

Somehow, it’s already November 1st, and the holidays, winter, and even the New Year are almost upon us. Have you started prepping your home? With colder weather coming in — not to mention those in-laws and out-of-town guests — the time is now to start preparing your house for the winter season. Here’s what should [...]

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How Much Does It Cost to Move?

When it comes to determining moving costs, there are many factors to take into consideration. In addition to distance and just how much "stuff" you have to move, there is the cost of labor, packing, packing materials, and insurance — not to mention the time and effort required. Who you hire for your move is [...]

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Painting Your Home Exterior

With the air brisk and the temperature finally cooling off, now’s the perfect time of year to handle those bigger, outdoor home maintenance tasks and to-dos.   Number one on the list? Re-paint your home’s exterior. Whether you’re listing your property or have just noticed a few scuffs and chips, a new coat of paint [...]

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What Are the Best Real Estate Apps for Home Renovations?

Thinking of renovating your home? Want to make some upgrades or replace some outdated elements? You’re not alone. Remodeling is on the rise, and whether it’s due to home prices increasing or the popularity of TV shows like “Fixer Upper,” one thing’s for certain: some of the best real estate apps are out there to [...]

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Home Warranty vs. Home Insurance: What’s the Difference?

If you’re homeowner then you likely know about home insurance. One of the most important documents you needed to have for closing was a home insurance binder. What you may not have heard about, however, is a home warranty. We’ll look at both — home warranty vs home insurance — so you can fully understand [...]

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Frustrated by Lack of Affordable Homes? Consider a Major Renovation

Let’s face it: housing supply is limited right now. Even if you wanted to move on to bigger, greener pastures, you might have a hard time finding the right property — at least at a price you can afford. Fortunately, picking up and moving on isn’t the only option if you’ve grown tired of your current [...]

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Creating a Killer Workspace: A Newbie Freelancer’s Key to Success

Striking out on your own as a freelancer is exciting. It’s freeing. It’s also a little scary. Sure, you’re away from the confines of the "boring" 9-to-5, the endless commutes, and the micro-managers, but you’re also in charge now. Only you can make or break your business! That’s why having a solid, dedicated workspace is [...]

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Create Seasonal Capsule Wardrobes and Do More with Less

Ever feel overwhelmed by your closet? Can't decide what to wear on a daily basis? Tired of sifting through winter coats and rain jackets just to find what you need? Then it might be time to consider a capsule wardrobe. What is a Capsule Wardrobe? A capsule wardrobe is, essentially, a carefully chosen collection of [...]

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