The Ultimate Childproofing Checklist

Whether you’ve got a little one on the way or your once immobile babe is now rolling, crawling, or taking her first steps, there’s no wrong time to start childproofing. The important thing is that you’re thorough about it. A modern home presents tons of hazards for little kids — especially ones looking to explore [...]

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11 Smart Ways to Trim Your Utility Bills

Spring is just around the corner, and with it comes sunnier weather, longer days and, for us homeowners, heftier energy bills as a result. Fortunately, sky-high energy costs don’t have to be a given. If you take a few precautionary steps now, prep your home properly, and learn some handy hacks, you can actually lower [...]

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Questions to Consider Before Moving an Aging Parent into Your Home

At some point in life, most adults consider moving mom, dad, or even both parents into their home. With the rising costs of elder and nursing home care, not to mention the guilt that often comes with putting a parent in a home, weighing this option is only natural for most sons and daughters. But [...]

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How a 203(k) Loan Could Provide You with a Golden Opportunity

There are plenty of opportunities in real estate every day. Even if you're in the market for a home for yourself and you're not a real estate investor, you can search through online home listings and see the potential in a whole slew of various homes. The old saying in real estate is "location, location, [...]

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Follow These 7 Home Design Instagrams for Inspiration

Need inspiration for a home design project? Want help DIYing that fix-and-flip? Perfecting your vision for decorating your new house? Then check out these top design, decor, and DIY accounts on Instagram: 1. Mandi Gubler / @VintageRevivals If you’re renovating your home or even just redecorating, follow Mandi Gubler’s @VintageRevivals rel="nofollow" for serious inspo. She’s [...]

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Real Estate Trends to Watch for in 2019

This year has been a big one for real estate. We saw the start of a turn-around for buyers — more inventory hit the market, home prices started to stall, and bidding wars began to peter out. We also saw tappable home equity hit all-time highs — giving American homeowners more financial leverage than ever [...]

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Thinking of Selling Your Home? You Have These 3 Options

The real estate industry is evolving, and there’s no longer just one tried-and-true way to do things. Thanks to technological advances, innovative new processes, and an ever-revolving door of start-ups and creative thinkers, buyers and sellers now have tons of options when deciding how to start, manage and, ultimately, finalize their transactions. Take selling a [...]

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