5 Household Cleaning Products That Are a Total Waste of Money

If you’re looking to save up for a house or just cut back on spending, then reducing your expenditures is key. A great place to start? That’d be your cleaning products. Household cleaning products can really add up fast — especially if you’re using brand-name products or items designed for one or two specific uses. [...]

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Prepping Your Backyard for a Memorial Day BBQ

Memorial Day is fast approaching, and if you’re planning to host a festive backyard barbecue, now is the time to start preparing. Not only will starting early ensure your guests are well-fed and entertained, but it can help minimize stress, ease clean-up, and make the entire event more successful on the whole. Are you planning [...]

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Lawn Mowing Tips for Beginners

Congratulations! You've just bought your first home and are finding yourself with a lawn to care for. If you've never mowed before, it's not complicated — provided you have a good working knowledge of the basics. The mower. The size of the mower depends on the size of your yard. If you have a small [...]

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8 Clever Ways to Add Storage — Even in Small Spaces

There’s nothing worse than having too little storage space. Not only does it mean messy, cramped, and cluttered living quarters, but it also may force you to purge some items you weren’t quite ready to part with. Fortunately, storage space isn’t hard to hack — even in the smallest of spaces. Are you struggling with [...]

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11 Yard Sale Tips and Tricks for a Successful Day

Looking to declutter and make a little extra cash in the process? With spring in full swing and a basement or attic filled to the brim, a good old fashioned yard sale might be just a thing. A well-organized and fairly-priced yard sale can make you more cash than you might expect. Here are some [...]

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16 of the Best Indoor House Plants (That Are Easy to Care For, Too!)

Are you looking for a splash of green to brighten up your home or office (...or home office)? Have you tried growing house plants in the past...only to succeed in killing them? Don't worry — these 16 plants are easy to find and even easier to care for. African Violet (Saintpaulia). With its long pointed [...]

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How to Clean Your Gutters and Why It’s So Important

Routing water away from your home is incredibly important. Gutters play a critical role in managing water and keeping it from ruining roofing, the exterior of your home, and ultimately flooding your basement. Clogged gutters in winter can actually detach from your home due to the weight of the ice, causing considerable damage. Needless to [...]

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How to Sell Your House Quick with an Open House

Open houses have long been seen as one of the best ways to market, and hopefully sell, a home. In addition to print advertisements and lawn signs, an open house that welcomes everyone in to tour a home was — and still is — one of the top marketing strategies a seller has. Now, however, [...]

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6 Ways to Declutter Your Space This Spring

Thanks to Marie Kondo and her binge-worthy Netflix show, it seems like decluttering is on everyone’s mind this spring. The “does it spark joy?” question might help some people pare down and adopt a more minimalistic lifestyle, but it doesn’t work for everyone. For the indecisive type, it might even make the process harder! Are [...]

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