7 Tips When Buying New Construction

Who doesn’t want to buy a brand new home? They’re clean, up-to-date and, many times, even fully customized to your own unique needs and preferences. But buying new construction isn’t as easy as picking a floor plan and then moving in once it’s finished. As with any real estate transaction, the process is pretty involved [...]

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Understanding the Mortgage Underwriting Process

Underwriting can seem like the most mysterious part of the mortgage loan approval process. What are underwriters? And what do they do? A Quick Overview of Mortgage Underwriting Mortgage underwriters assess risk. Using specific, pre-determined guidelines, they look at things like your credit history, debt-to-income ratio, and other assets, to figure out if you can [...]

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Mortgage Discount Points vs. Origination Points

When you take out a mortgage loan, you’ll likely encounter two types of “points” — discount points and origination points. Though they sound similar, these "points" actually have two distinctly different purposes. It’s important to understand both — as well as what they mean for both your short-term and long-term mortgage costs — before you get [...]

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Open House Etiquette for Homebuyers

Attending open houses can be a great way to gauge the market, get a feel for what you’re looking for, and even scope out the local home buying competition. But open houses are a big undertaking for agents — and attending one also means respecting their hard work, the home, and the sellers who live [...]

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The Repercussions of a Mortgage Not Closing on Time

Signing a purchase agreement for a home is an exciting day for both buyers and sellers. After possibly months of searching for the perfect home, buyers can breathe that first sigh of relief knowing what home they're going to buy, at what price, and on what date. It's the first time buyers can start to [...]

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The 8 Most Common Unexpected Costs of Homeownership (and How to Prepare!)

If you’re on the hunt for a home, you’re likely well aware of listing prices, down payments, and maybe even closing costs. But as expensive as those all are, they’re not the end of your homeownership costs. In fact, they’re really just the beginning. As a homeowner, you’re beholden to dozens of expenses — both [...]

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