Saving for Your Down Payment

You've decided to buy a home! Now it's time to save up. Buying a home is the single most expensive purchase most people will ever make. As you're dreaming about your new home, you're likely saving for the down payment. It actually may not be as difficult as you think. There are many programs and [...]

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Looking to Buy a Brand New Home?

If you have your eye on a brand new home and want to be the first person to ever cross that threshold, we have some tips for you. Learn what to look for when buying a newly constructed home. Get a Buyer's Agent Your Builder's team will be more than happy to help you buy [...]

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Never a Doubt in Her Mind: Why This Millennial Is Prioritizing Homeownership

As the millennial generation comes of age, they're beginning to grab their fair share of the housing market. In 2017, 34.7% of homeowners were millennials—one year later, they're 36% of homeowners. That number may not seem huge, but it was by far the largest increase in any age group during that time period. There are [...]

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Thinking of Buying an Older Property?

Older homes tend to have distinctive design features and small details that usually can't be found in new properties today. You may, however, notice that older homes require more maintenance and might have outdated systems that need to be replaced. Here are some things to look for in an older home. First and foremost, get [...]

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Millennials Prioritize Finding a Home for Fido

Only a few decades ago, Americans bought homes to ring in a marriage, welcome a new child, or prepare for one of these two major life changes shortly down the road. But today, times have changed. Millennials are waiting longer and longer to get married and start their families, and they just don’t need those [...]

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Buying vs. Renting: What All Renters Should Know

If you've been paying rent for a while now, you may be at the point where you're weighing the pros and cons of buying vs. renting. Renting trends aren’t looking good for Americans. Rents have skyrocketed in most major cities across the nation, and with demand for apartments and rental units continuing to rise, it’s [...]

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The Point of Points

What are these and why do I need them? Points are one type of fee paid at closing by you to your mortgage lender. There are two types of points: origination and discount points. Origination points are charged to recover some costs of the loan origination process. Depending on the lender, the origination point(s) may [...]

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2018 Real Estate Guide for the First Time Home Buyer

Millennials are finally entering the home buying market—and for good reason. Mortgage rates are at historical lows, construction is starting to tick up, and incomes are growing. It’s the perfect storm for a green, first time home buyer. But just because the market’s primed for jumping in doesn’t mean home buying is a walk in [...]

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Should You Buy a Home or Keep Renting?

There are definitive reasons for both sides. Find what's best for you. First and foremost, this age-old question ultimately depends on your individual needs. Yes, buying a home means you're putting money into your own investment. Yes, when renting, you don't have to worry about repairs or maintenance. No one can tell you exactly what's [...]

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