Tired of Paying PMI? Here’s How to Get Rid of it

If you have an FHA loan or put less than 20 percent down when you bought your home, you’re probably stuck with PMI, or Private Mortgage Insurance. PMI is paid monthly as part of your mortgage payment, but unlike your balance and interest, it doesn’t decline over time. You pay the same for mortgage insurance [...]

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Overvalued homes creating tiny bubbles

Recent data indicates that more housing markets may be overvalued. According to CoreLogic when looked at nationally home prices rose 7% in September compared to September of last year. This means that 25 of the top 50 housing markets are considered overvalued.

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Pave the Way for a Smooth Mortgage Application

The mortgage application process has long been bemoaned as time-consuming and overly complicated. And while sure, there are some applications that take longer than others, the truth is it’s all in the planning. At Embrace, we've been working hard to innovate our online loan application and we've created a new, user friendly application which can [...]

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Happy Veterans Day! How Much Do You REALLY Know About VA Loans?

Most veterans and military service members know VA loans are out there – and that they can help them buy a home more easily and, in most cases, more affordably. But when it comes down to the nitty-gritty details of these mortgage options? Things get a little murkier. In honor of Veterans Day this Saturday, we’re taking a closer look at VA loans – and what veterans should know about using them.

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Reduction in Capital

Capital One announced it will stop issuing mortgage and home equity loans and cut some 1,100 jobs. Rising interest rates, home prices and lack of inventory have application volume down and slowed loan growth at many US regional banks.

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Freddie Mac reported that in a survey of Millennials conducted by a national lender, one third of Millennials had their dogs in mind when deciding to buy a home. Giving that much loved dog a yard ranked higher than getting married or having a baby as the primary reason.

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10 Steps to Homeownership

Looking for a new home? We can give you a step by step path to follow. Most often a prospective homebuyer’s first question is, “How much can I afford?”  The answer many lenders provide better answers the question, “How much can I borrow?” Many lenders only consider what you are able to pay each month, then tell you how much you can borrow.

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Time and Space

Its four days until Halloween and there are artificial Christmas trees and decorations in the Home Depot. So much for the space. Something is not right, where it gets so warped that there's no returning from a black hole. But things are pretty. What happened to Thanksgiving? Halloween, then Thanksgiving and then Christmas, it is a logical progression we have all known.

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