Is the Market Finding Its New Normal?

Aprils home sales numbers didn't reflect where rates were for the month. March rates were down (and down fairly dramatically) when April's sales contracts were signed. You would have expected low rates to pull more borrowers into the spring home buying market a little bit early. The fact those low rates didn't have that effect [...]

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Freddie Mac Revises 2019 Forecast for the Mortgage and Housing Markets

Freddie Mac recently revisited 2019 forecasts for the mortgage and housing markets. Home price appreciation was higher than expected in the first quarter of 2019. Although it was only slightly higher than previously projected, it led Freddie to revise their 2019 annual forecast for home price growth to 3.6%. Not what we have seen in [...]

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What’s the Difference Between an Interest Rate and APR?

If you’ve started looking into your mortgage options, you’ve probably encountered the terms “APR” and “interest rate” somewhere along the way. You might have even noticed that APRs are always slightly higher. Why is this? And which one should you be looking at when shopping for your mortgage? Let’s break it down. APRs and Interest [...]

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Getting Ready for the 2019 Hurricane Season

Before summer even starts, the 2019 hurricane season will kick off June 1st. While it's easy to just think about summer concerts and festivals rather than inclement weather, it's a little more critical to be prepared in the event you end up in the projected path of a hurricane. Some hurricane preparedness tips to share [...]

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Should You Consider Refinancing Your Mortgage? Read This To Find Out

With mortgage rates dropping in the first quarter of the year, the number of homeowners refinancing has steadily climbed. And it’s no wonder why. Refinancing your mortgage can come with serious benefits. From lower interest rates and reduced monthly payments to faster repayment periods and access to quick cash, the advantages are many if the [...]

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Freddie Mac, the Fed, and Other Reasons Things Look Good

Mortgage rates and concerns about those rates were eased as the Federal Reserve maintained its patient, wait-and see-attitude this week. Nothing from this week’s meeting indicates we are likely to see the Fed hike interest rates at any time in the near future. While the action was not unexpected — as the usual influences on [...]

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Mortgage Rates Are Going in the Right Direction — but What’s the Longer Term View?

This week saw mortgage rates drop more than they have in any other one week period in the last ten years. The timing couldn’t be better, as we also saw the official start of spring and the unofficial start of the home buying season — especially in those areas of the country where winter plays [...]

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