How Last Week’s Stock Market Impacted Home Buying

Last week, we talked about stock market volatility and the potential impact on the home buying consumer. Last week’s mortgage application numbers seem to reflect that impact was significant, with purchase applications down 6% for the week—but still 4% higher than last year. What we may have witnessed is the result of some frustrated homebuyers [...]

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The Different Mortgage Types for Homebuyers in 2018

It’s important to know about the many mortgage types prospective home buyers have to choose from before you hit the street this spring. Fixed-rate mortgages versus adjustable-rate mortgages, government-backed versus conventional loans—there are mortgage types to fit every situation. But, which is right for you? Here’s a handy list we think will help. Mortgage Types: [...]

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What Does the Stock Market Volatility Mean for Mortgages?

If you've been paying attention to the news recently, you've undoubtedly thought, "What does the stock market volatility mean for mortgages?" summed it up best:“pretty much nothing”---unless the recent volatility is dragged out over the next few weeks, which is good news for lenders and real estate professionals. The greatest impact will be to [...]

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Give Your Buyers a Competitive Advantage This Spring

How many times have you heard “there has never been a better time” to do something? This statement couldn’t be more true if you are thinking about preparing for this spring’s home buying season. Interest rates are up, home prices continue to rise, inventory is low—and likely to stay that way—and continuing to rent is [...]

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Fast Facts About the Housing Market: December 2017

Now that we're almost a full month into 2018, we can look back at the end of 2017 and get some perspective on the year. Overall, 2017 was a great one for existing-home sales. It was up 1.1% from last year and was the best year for sales since 2006. One interesting part of the [...]

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Home Buyer on the Fence? How Waiting Can Hurt Borrowing Power

A young homebuyer makes about $85,000 each year. Assuming solid credit---and other monthly liabilities, like car payments and student loans (limited to $600/month) and taxes, homeowners insurance and mortgage insurance on the new home (about $700/month)---that prospective homebuyer could possibly qualify for about $352,000.

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Fact vs. Fiction: The Real Truth About VA Loans

There are a lot of misconceptions about VA loans---that they take a long time to close, that they’re harder to get, and that they’re more of a hassle. Sadly, these misconceptions often keep hard-working veterans from applying for them---a decision that can cost thousands and thousands of dollars over the life of the loan. So [...]

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The Rise of the Millennial Homebuyer

Dylan. Chelsea. Austin. Alexandra. Taylor. If you are fond of Jeopardy, you may be thinking “What are names that spiked in popularity between 1992 and 1995?”  Good news: You are correct. According to ATTOM Data Solutions, who analyzed the first names of more than 4 million individuals who purchased homes in 2017, those are the [...]

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