Moving from Renter to Homeowner? 3 Ways to Make the Transition Easier

So you’re finally making the leap. You’re getting out of the rent race, buying a house, and moving onward and upward. Congrats! Buying a home is a really big deal. It usually means more space, more freedom with your design and decor decisions, and more pride in your property.  But let’s not kid ourselves: [...]

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Single Female Homebuyers Are on the Rise: How to Help Your Loan App When Flying Solo

For the housing market, it’s all about the single ladies.  According to data from the National Association of REALTORS®, single females accounted for nearly one in five home purchases last year — double the share of their single male counterparts. The reasons vary, from later family formation to more income and education, but the [...]

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New Homebuyers Are Flocking to FHA Loans — Here’s Why

New home sales are on the rise, and many of those purchases? They’re being made with FHA loans. According to a recent analysis from the National Association of Home Builders, almost 18 percent of all new home sales were purchased with FHA mortgages last quarter — or about 32,000 home sales nationwide. That’s a [...]

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Monthly Mortgage Payments vs. Biweekly Mortgage Payments: Pros & Cons

Paying your mortgage biweekly — half your payment every two weeks, to be exact — can be a smart way to reduce your interest costs and even pay off your loan sooner. But is it right for everyone? Definitely not. Are you considering skipping those monthly mortgage payments in favor of a half-payment every [...]

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Refinancing with Two Mortgages: Why You’d Do It and What to Expect

Refinancing can be beneficial for many homeowners. It can lower your rate, your monthly payment and maybe even shorten the total length of your loan.  But if you have two mortgage loans on your hands? Then refinancing might be even more powerful a financial tool. You might have two mortgages because: You took out [...]

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Are You Ready to Be a Homeowner? 6 Questions to Ask Yourself

So you’re tired of the rent race. You’re sick of throwing money into the proverbial hole, and you want to start paying your own mortgage — not your landlord’s. But are you really ready? You see, there’s more to owning a home than just making a mortgage payment. Buying a house means constant repairs [...]

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10 of the Best Personal Finance Podcasts

Podcasts are the perfect mix of media. It’s like listening to music and reading a book all at the same time — and the best part? You can enjoy them anytime, anywhere. Blare one on your commute into work, plug one in on your morning run, or listen as you’re cooking dinner, showering, or just [...]

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Does It Really Matter How Low Mortgage Rates Go?

Predictions are always interesting. Of course some are more interesting than others, depending on topic. Some are scientific (like predicting the winner of the Super Bowl), while others are made for fun (like the weather). Mortgage guru Barry Habib made a fairly bold prediction recently. Based on some market indicators, he believes that 30-year mortgage [...]

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