New Season, New Marketplace?

As we roll up on the first day of fall 2018, it's a good time to take a look at where we are in the real estate and mortgage marketplaces. Where are we? And where are we going? For the past several years it has pretty much been just going through the motions. Sure, technology [...]

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You’re the Best — but Are Your Mortgage Partners, Too?

Best. We are all constantly peppered with "best" lists. Best places to live, work, and play are pretty common. Maybe even "best" mortgage company. Embrace has an atrium full of what we consider well-earned "best" award banners. All of those "best" lists can be somewhat subjective — but that is fine with us. The objective [...]

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Most Expensive Cities to Buy in the World: How Many in the U.S.?

Think housing prices in your market are bad? Other places in the world have it even worse. In fact, New York City was the only city in the U.S. to make it on Money Inc.'s list of the "20 Most Expensive Cities to Buy a Home in the World." The other 19 cities were all [...]

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How Do Mortgages Work? Understanding the Basics of Mortgages

Most people would love to own a home, but the reality is that a majority of us simply can’t pay for a home with cold hard cash. In fact, for many people, even saving up the funds for a down payment is a hefty burden in and of itself. To make it possible for people [...]

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The Online Mortgage Process Balancing Act

What if George Jetson, his boy Elroy, daughter Judy, and Jane his wife were looking for a mortgage? (Forget about the fact that their home wasn't really attached to any actual real estate or that they supposedly live in this futuristic utopia where mortgage difficulty shouldn't exist. Nothing's perfect.) In the process of getting a [...]

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Zillow Forgot One Important Thing About Mortgage Lending

Zillow announced it was entering the mortgage business. That came shortly after they announced they were getting into buying and selling houses. Investors looked at the plan and Zillow stock tanked. Why? Mortgage lending can be lucrative, but in order to succeed, it needs to be done correctly. You need to invest time and energy [...]

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Fast Facts About the Housing Market: June 2018

In June, the National Association of Realtors saw the median existing-home price for all housing types hit a new all-time high. Sales, however, continued to decline — they're down 2.2% from a year ago. This discrepancy between prices and sales is a clear reminder that we're in the midst of an inventory shortage and affordability [...]

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Signs of a Slowing Housing Market and Revisiting Flood Maps

A Focus on Training Skilled Laborers President Trump recently signed an executive order that has many companies and trade groups committing to training 3.8 million young and old in need of job skills. No matter what your political leanings may be, the training will provide skills related to the most in-demand fields — and that [...]

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