Taking a Moment to Step Back Before You Step Forward

There are most definitely times when you need to take a step back before you take a step forward. You pause to regain perspective and to choose your path. It is often better to take the step back by choice, rather than being forced to as you lose your footing at a precipice when your [...]

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Senate Passes $428 Billion Farm Bill (Plus Interest Rate Updates)

The U.S. Senate recently passed what is generally known as the Farm Bill. Why does that mean anything to a real estate or mortgage lending professional? Because the bill provides for the continuation of sugar tariffs in order to ensure the market is not flooded with sugar imports. Whoops, sorry — wrong section of the bill. The [...]

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5 Benefits of Using an Online Mortgage Calculator

Mortgage calculators are pretty simple. They let you determine how much your monthly mortgage would cost based on a few simple factors — things like home price, interest rate, loan amount, loan term, and other details. And while that in itself is helpful — especially if you’re new to house hunting — that’s not the [...]

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How Dodd-Frank Reform Impacts the Mortgage Industry

Recently, Congress rolled back some of the rules that came from the Dodd-Frank Act. The Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, and Consumer Protection Act, in part, makes a variety of changes in an effort to reduce the regulatory burden associated with mortgage lending. While many of the changes lessen the regulatory burden, the resulting change will [...]

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Hurricane Season, Record Sales, & Positive Equity

Recent flooding in Maryland and New Jersey were a reminder of how Mother Nature can really mess up your day. According to FEMA, the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) was established to reduce the impact of flooding by providing affordable insurance to homeowners and by encouraging communities to adopt and enforce floodplain management. Not a [...]

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Save the Deal! Help Your Unconventional Clients Qualify for a Mortgage

As a real estate agent, one of the hardest parts of the job can be seeing a deal fall through because your client can't get financing. You've spent months poring through listings, showing them houses, and helping them decide. And now that the dream house has finally been found, they can't find adequate financing to [...]

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Where’s Our Greeting Card for National Homeownership Month?

June is National Homeownership Month. Surprisingly, there does not appear to be a greeting card for that. You would think there would be — or at least there should be from our perspective. Homeownership and everything that goes with it accounts for about 12% of our gross domestic product in the United States. That is [...]

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How to: Lower Monthly Insurance Premiums

Are you tired of paying an extra $50 a month in mortgage insurance? You’re not alone. The average homeowner pays about $500 every year for MIP — and over the course of their loan life? That means thousands and thousands extra out of pocket. Fortunately, mortgage insurance premiums (or MIP) aren’t permanent. There are several [...]

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How Italy & China Influenced the Mortgage Market This Week

Chinese and Italian became more than a couple of nights of great takeout food this week — the economic prospects of both countries were influences on the mortgage market. Political discord in Italy and the prospect that the third largest economy in the EU might decide to leave the union has investors around the globe [...]

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