Could Getting Married Affect Your Ability to Get a Mortgage?

Marriage is a big deal, both personally and financially. Once you say those “I dos,” everything changes. Your lives are intertwined forever---and that includes your money, your credit score and your financial history. As such, marriage can have a huge impact on your ability to buy a home. But is that a good or bad [...]

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Five Things that Can Hurt Your Credit During the Holiday Season

With the holiday season comes lots of spending. Gift giving, decorating, entertaining, vacationing and going out to eat – it can all rack up the big bucks, and pretty quickly, too. Sadly, overspending doesn’t just deplete your bank account or give you bigger credit card bills to pay. It can also hurt your credit and, [...]

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23 Ways to Save Money on Groceries

Believe it or not the cost of groceries has declined over the last year. Depending on where you shop, you might not have noticed the change. But, even with prices coming down, the cost of putting good healthy food on the table for you and your family can be prohibitive.

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16 Ways to Cut Costs and Build Up Your Savings Account

You might remember your parents teaching you about the need for a rainy day fund, but many of us haven't quite put it into practice just yet. Sure, the unemployment rate is lower than ever, and even wages are showing signs of growth, but unfortunately, consumer debt is once again on the rise. That means that saving often takes a back seat when it comes to financial planning.

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