What is it really worth

Whether it is art, that classic car or real estate, the answer is always “whatever someone is willing to pay for it.” With more demand than supply in the housing market, prices have risen and will likely continue to rise for the remainder the year. 

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Here’s What You Should Expect from a Home Inspection vs. an Appraisal

When you’re shopping for a home, don’t be surprised when your Realtor and Loan Officer tell you that you’ll need to pay for an appraisal. Not to be confused with a professional home inspection, an appraisal determines the value of a home, while an inspection determines the condition of the home. When you’re shopping for a [...]

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How to Know Which Home Loan Is Right For You

Are you a first time homebuyer? What is your credit score? First time homebuyers have a number of options available to them. There are many low down payment financing options available. FHA loans generally have a lower interest rate for qualified buyers. There are state and local down payment assistance programs. Some programs allow for [...]

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Creating a rainy day fund

Creating a rainy day fund can be a challenge, but you’ll be glad you have the cash you need on-hand should a crisis arise. How much? Traditionally a fund of this type would be enough to cover household expenses for up to six months. If you’re able to save more, all the better.

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Investing in Your Home

Owning a home may be your single largest investment. Yet the value of this investment depends on the amount of equity you build, how well you maintain your home and whether you take steps to improve its function and appearance. What is home equity? Home equity refers to the current market value of your home [...]

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