10 Things You Can Do Right Now to Conserve Water

Who would have thought that water would become a precious commodity? After all, isn’t two thirds of the planet covered with water? Truth is that in the years to come, water will indeed be a precious commodity in the first world, as it is already in the third.

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New appliances – Be an Energy Star

We’re always looking for ways to save both money and energy. Of course sometimes you have to spend money to save money. One way to do both is to consider the purchase of new appliances for your kitchen and laundry room.

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Consider an Energy Audit

Over the last ten years energy providers, particularly electric companies, have been working to educate consumers about their energy use. Electricity use is a concept that’s hard to visualize until you get the bill and it’s quantified in dollars and cents.

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Alternative Energy Sources- Solar Panels

One of the first alternatives, and one that held out hope for home owners was the solar panel. These photo voltaic panels that capture sunlight and turn it into energy held the promise of heat in winter and air conditioning in summer without burning oil.

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Shedding light on LEDs

In 2007 Congress passed legislation to effectively ban the incandescent bulb by raising the standards of efficiency. By doing so, they created a race to innovate, as well as a political firestorm. Europe and other countries around the world are also taking similar steps to phase out the outdated and inefficient bulbs.

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