9 Emerging Home Trends to Keep an Eye On

When it comes to home decor and design, there are few better resources than Pinterest.  The unique social media platform is a hub of all things home-related. Its “pins” are filled with aesthetic inspiration, organizational and storage ideas, and even tips and hacks for cleaning, landscaping, cooking, and more.   The site recently announced the [...]

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Pantone Color of the Year 2020: 8 Ways to Spruce Up Your Space

Pantone officially announced its 2020 Color of the Year, and it’s a beautiful, deep matte blue.  Dubbed “Classic Blue,” it’s a timeless, flexible hue that jives with just about any pattern or color scheme out there. Want to work this trendy tone into your own home decor? Here how to do it without breaking [...]

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The 6 Best Winter Renovations and Home Improvements

There's no denying that spring and summer are the most popular times of year to make home improvements, but if you've been writing winter off entirely for these projects, you're missing out. From easier scheduling to a potential for cost savings, there are many reasons to do renovations during the winter. It's just a [...]

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Hanukkah Gift-Giving: 12 Ideas for Adults and Kids

Missed that big Black Friday doorbuster? Failed to nab a Cyber Monday deal? Don’t fret.  For Hanukkah, special, more thoughtful gifts are best — ones that celebrate the cultural traditions and deep heritage of the Jewish people. Need help picking out those eight perfect gifts for your loved ones this year? We’ve got you [...]

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Christmas Tree Inspo: 11 Trees You Have to See

Tired of the same old Christmas tree you’ve had year after year? Bored with the hodge-podge of homemade ornaments, flashing lights, and freebie bulbs you’ve gotten from holiday parties? Try changing it up this season. With the number of crafters and bloggers active on the web, there’s no shortage of stunning inspiration out there. [...]

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8 Ways to Prevent Indoor Allergy Flare-Ups at Home

If you suffer from allergies, then nowhere is safe — not even your own home.  Fortunately, while there’s no way to avoid allergens altogether (especially if you have pets or kids), there are several steps you can take to improve air quality and reduce flare-ups around the house. Here’s where to start: Use the [...]

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7 Tips for Cat-Proofing Your Home

Are you getting a new feline friend? Buying a house and bringing Fluffy along? Then cat-proofing should be on your radar — not just to protect your home and belongings, but also to keep your furry pal safe from harm.  Do you need help cat-proofing your humble abode? Here are seven ways to do [...]

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How to Make Your Home ‘Hygge’ for Fall & Winter

There’s nothing cozier than Hygge. With its soft, welcoming textures, carefully placed lighting, and neutral, all-inclusive tones, this Danish-inspired design style is perfect for the fall and winter seasons. Don’t have the cash to do a full-out redesign before the chilly weather hits? Fortunately, Hygge doesn’t require all that. With just a few simple [...]

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