Behind the Scenes at Embrace: Employee Spotlight

If you’re a customer or you’ve done business with Embrace Home Loans, you’ve likely met a few people involved to help make your mortgage transactions possible. What you might not realize is there are many hands working behind the scenes at Embrace to help our business function. From the creative designs that capture your attention to our underwriting team that makes sure your mortgage or loan goes through smoothly, we’re taking you behind the scenes at Embrace to highlight some of our employees and the work they do.


Meet Lillia Wild, Employee Experience Designer


“I manage the life-cycle of our teammates from ensuring the first 90 days are above their satisfaction, to managing anniversary performance reviews and of course, celebrating promotions and new job experiences. I love collaborating with teammates from other departments to create a world-class Embrace experience.”



Meet Charlotte Saul, Graphic Designer

Charlotte Saul Graphic Designer

“Hi, I’m Charlotte. I grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina. My sister’s name is Caroline, but my parents say that it’s all just a coincidence.  I received my BFA from MassArt in Boston and have been a New England transplant ever since. I am a graphic designer for Embrace and have been with the company for 8 months.

As a designer, I communicate Embrace’s products and ideas in a visual way that inspires, informs, and intrigues our customers and referral partners! In short, I make things look good. I really enjoy my time working with the Marketing Department at Embrace.  After all, captivating people and knowing how to throw a good party is literally our job. You can see examples of what I do at Embrace and much more at my website here.


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