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A freelance writer and content creator, Tim Coutis has served as a Creative Director and Project Manager for a number of both large and small businesses in the finance space. In addition to creating content on a range of topics, his work includes traditional as well as online marketing, blog posts and social media support. Connect with him at timcoutis.com

4 Things Your Clients Really Want from You

Every potential homebuyer has a set of unique needs. Maybe they're looking for a particular neighborhood, style of home, or number of bathrooms. Most important, though, is a client’s unique financial situation. What can they afford? Personal preferences and financial considerations play key roles in the house hunting process. That said, what are those bottom [...]

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The Art of Effective Communication

In large organizations, marketing often appears to be at odds with sales. One is driven by commissions, the other is focused on messaging. Real estate agents, though, are responsible for both. Generating business requires the persuasive talents associated with marketers, while sales works to meet customer expectations and close the deal. The secret to bridging [...]

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Understanding the Mortgage Underwriting Process

Underwriting can seem like the most mysterious part of the mortgage loan approval process. What are underwriters? And what do they do? A Quick Overview of Mortgage Underwriting Mortgage underwriters assess risk. Using specific, pre-determined guidelines, they look at things like your credit history, debt-to-income ratio, and other assets, to figure out if you can [...]

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5 Commitments Every Real Estate Agent Should Make

From time-to-time, it's a smart idea to step back and take a good hard look at ourselves. For marketers, this means examining the values you bring to your brand. Market conditions, economics, politics — even the weather — affect our day-to-day behavior and attitude towards our work. Even the most disciplined among us can be [...]

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5 Ways Real Estate Agents and Loan Officers Can Work Together

There is no better symbiotic relationship for growing referrals and generating business than that of the real estate agent and loan officer (LO). Agents have preferred lenders and LOs they can count on to shepherd their clients' mortgage loans through to approval — and LOs get a steady stream of business they can depend on. [...]

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Your Total Guide to 2019 Tax Deadlines

Yep, it's that time of year again: tax season. Confused about what is due and when for your federal taxes? Here are the dates and forms you'll need to file quarterly installment payments, monthly payments if you work for tips, and the deadlines for filing your yearly tax returns. We've also added tax deadlines for [...]

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Turn Your Marketing Content into a Webinar

One of the best things about building a solid marketing content library is the ability to repurpose that content for other channels and formats. Real estate content is ideally suited for the webinar format. Once you’ve created and conducted a webinar, you can make it available through just about every channel. You can even post [...]

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How Refined Are Your Negotiating Skills?

One of the most important skills every real estate agent needs to have is the ability to negotiate a successful sale. Keeping a sale on track and negotiating a final price, though, only looks easy after the fact. Whether you represent the buyer or the seller, those final weeks prior to closing can be contentious. [...]

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What Is Engagement Marketing?

Engagement marketing goes by many different names. You may have heard it called "experiential marketing," "event marketing," "on-ground marketing," "live marketing," "participation marketing," "loyalty marketing," or "special events." All of these names boil down to the same concept, though, which can best be described by Marketo: Engagement marketing is the use of strategic, resourceful content [...]

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