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A freelance writer and content creator, Tim Coutis has served as a Creative Director and Project Manager for a number of both large and small businesses in the finance space. In addition to creating content on a range of topics, his work includes traditional as well as online marketing, blog posts and social media support. Connect with him at timcoutis.com

Lawn Mowing Tips for Beginners

Congratulations! You've just bought your first home and are finding yourself with a lawn to care for. If you've never mowed before, it's not complicated — provided you have a good working knowledge of the basics. The mower. The size of the mower depends on the size of your yard. If you have a small [...]

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4 Benefits of Outsourcing Marketing

Residential real estate is very demanding work. You're juggling multiple clients, contracts, and closings all at different points in the home buying or selling process, networking to engage new clients and other potential referral partners, and marketing — all things that require time. And as you well know, time is something that most real estate [...]

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11 Yard Sale Tips and Tricks for a Successful Day

Looking to declutter and make a little extra cash in the process? With spring in full swing and a basement or attic filled to the brim, a good old fashioned yard sale might be just a thing. A well-organized and fairly-priced yard sale can make you more cash than you might expect. Here are some [...]

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9 Benefits of Automating Your Email Campaigns

Email marketing campaigns are one of the best ways to convert new clients, or nurture past clients and referral partners. Creating and distributing an effective email campaign involves database management, content creation, graphic design, and setting parameters for distribution — work that most real estate agents don’t have the time or expertise to execute properly. [...]

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