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Kris Barros is the Director of Corporate Communications at Embrace Home Loans. He always has his eye on the market and real estate industry in order to bring you the most up-to-date, relevant mortgage news.

Misconceptions Among Potential Homeowners About What It Takes to Buy a Home

The Fed left rates alone this week which was good news for the financial markets. It was not the best news for mortgage rates, but it wasn't the worst either. A drop would have been nice, but not moving isn't expected to have much impact on mortgage rates, which remained pretty much flat for the [...]

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Mortgage Rates Are Low and Credit Is There — So, What’s Up?

Mortgage rates are down and it appears homeowners have caught on and the industry is enjoying a refi boom. Mortgage refinance applications were up about 45% from the prior week. Lower rates, though, don't seem to be creating significant numbers of potential homebuyers. Applications to purchase a home were up — but only by about [...]

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Is This a Sustainable Housing Market?

"Tepid." That's been one description of the home purchase market this spring. Applications to purchase a home were off slightly for the week — but still a little better than this time last year. Pending home sales were down also, just about as much as mortgage applications to purchase a home, which makes sense. Given [...]

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Why We Need to Stop Blaming Housing Market Malaise on the Trade War with China

For many of us, "Made in China" was commonly found on the packaging of most of our toys as children. Electronics were "Made in Japan" until eventually those electronics were also made in China. A grandfather's protest and objection to not "buying American" fell on our parents' deaf ears as they looked to stretch budgets. [...]

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Is the Market Finding Its New Normal?

Aprils home sales numbers didn't reflect where rates were for the month. March rates were down (and down fairly dramatically) when April's sales contracts were signed. You would have expected low rates to pull more borrowers into the spring home buying market a little bit early. The fact those low rates didn't have that effect [...]

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Freddie Mac Revises 2019 Forecast for the Mortgage and Housing Markets

Freddie Mac recently revisited 2019 forecasts for the mortgage and housing markets. Home price appreciation was higher than expected in the first quarter of 2019. Although it was only slightly higher than previously projected, it led Freddie to revise their 2019 annual forecast for home price growth to 3.6%. Not what we have seen in [...]

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Getting Ready for the 2019 Hurricane Season

Before summer even starts, the 2019 hurricane season will kick off June 1st. While it's easy to just think about summer concerts and festivals rather than inclement weather, it's a little more critical to be prepared in the event you end up in the projected path of a hurricane. Some hurricane preparedness tips to share [...]

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Freddie Mac, the Fed, and Other Reasons Things Look Good

Mortgage rates and concerns about those rates were eased as the Federal Reserve maintained its patient, wait-and see-attitude this week. Nothing from this week’s meeting indicates we are likely to see the Fed hike interest rates at any time in the near future. While the action was not unexpected — as the usual influences on [...]

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Disappointing Housing Data and the Impact This Spring

Amid the recent release of some reasonably good economic data, housing data disappointed as starts, permits, and mortgage demand all fell. There was an improvement in purchase applications, but unfortunately, it couldn't be outweighed by the drop in refinance applications. Inventory, especially new home inventory, continues to be an issue. Fannie Mae stated that in March, "total [...]

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