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Kris Barros is the Director of Corporate Communications at Embrace Home Loans. He always has his eye on the market and real estate industry in order to bring you the most up-to-date, relevant mortgage news.

There’s an Increasing Preference for Renting. Now What?

It looks like spring has arrived. Well, maybe not the weather—but the spring home buying season is here. As housing affordability continues to be a concern for more and more potential homebuyers, rising interest rates and increasing home prices have many entering the home buying market this spring. The demand appears to be driven, though, [...]

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How Do You Win a Bidding War?

This means war! No, we are not talking about some cataclysmic geopolitical event. It's much more personal—it's a home buying bidding war. This spring’s home buying market is likely to be historical in the sense that extraordinarily high demand will significantly outpace the record low supply of inventory. That is going to lead to bidding [...]

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Incentivize Homeowners with Equity to Move Up

According to Black Knight Financial Services, the rise in home values over the past couple of years has the amount of equity available to homeowners hitting a new high in February 2018. There is $5.4 trillion in available equity for homeowners to access—that is 10% more than the peak reached in 2005. Okay, tap the brakes [...]

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Where Can Rates Actually Go?

Freddie Mac recently took a look at the effects of times there were rate increases of at least one full percentage point over the course of at least eight months. As expected, in periods of rising rates: Home sales slipped Mortgage applications dropped off Housing starts stalled According to Freddie Mac, rising rates on average [...]

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Trulia: Homes Are the Most Affordable They’ve Been in 40 Years

If you have someone wavering—like those first-time homebuyers who are convinced they missed the boat for affordable home mortgage financing—tell them to run and jump for that ship. It looks like it is about to set sail, but it has not quite left the dock. While everything might have them believing differently, according to Trulia [...]

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Prepare for Rapid Changes

Without getting into the politics of Wednesday's school walkouts or entering into any part of the debate, we should look at it as a teaching moment. Technology and social media provide the opportunity to change and shape ideas in very short order and galvanize a demographic. Technology changes everything including perceptions and beliefs. No matter [...]

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Mortgage and Real Estate Markets: Don’t Hit the Panic Button

"Nobody's gotta worry 'bout nothing. Don't go hitting that panic button. It ain't near as bad as you think. Everything's going to be alright. Alright. Alright." - David Lee Murphy & Kenny Chesney As you read real estate and mortgage industry related headlines, just keep repeating those lyrics over and over again. You will read [...]

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How Last Week’s Stock Market Impacted Home Buying

Last week, we talked about stock market volatility and the potential impact on the home buying consumer. Last week’s mortgage application numbers seem to reflect that impact was significant, with purchase applications down 6% for the week—but still 4% higher than last year. What we may have witnessed is the result of some frustrated homebuyers [...]

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What Does the Stock Market Volatility Mean for Mortgages?

If you've been paying attention to the news recently, you've undoubtedly thought, "What does the stock market volatility mean for mortgages?" summed it up best:“pretty much nothing”---unless the recent volatility is dragged out over the next few weeks, which is good news for lenders and real estate professionals. The greatest impact will be to [...]

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