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Aly J. Yale is a mortgage and real estate writer based in Houston. Connect with her at or on Twitter at @AlyJwriter.

Holiday Gift Guide: The 5 Best Gifts for New Homeowners

Have a friend, family member, or colleague who bought a home in 2017? Don’t phone it in with their holiday gift. Being a new homeowner is expensive, and you can bet your loved one could use a helping hand this season. Instead of giving them the standard candle or cozy blanket this time around, consider [...]

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Could Getting Married Affect Your Ability to Get a Mortgage?

Marriage is a big deal, both personally and financially. Once you say those “I dos,” everything changes. Your lives are intertwined forever---and that includes your money, your credit score and your financial history. As such, marriage can have a huge impact on your ability to buy a home. But is that a good or bad [...]

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Selling Your Home This Winter? Four Pro Tips for Success

Let’s be honest here. Selling your home in the winter can be pretty hard. For one, there’s just not much buying going on around the holidays. People are saving their cash (and spending it elsewhere), and they’re not looking to uproot their lives and move across town in the freezing cold weather. It’s also hard [...]

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Five Things that Can Hurt Your Credit During the Holiday Season

With the holiday season comes lots of spending. Gift giving, decorating, entertaining, vacationing and going out to eat – it can all rack up the big bucks, and pretty quickly, too. Sadly, overspending doesn’t just deplete your bank account or give you bigger credit card bills to pay. It can also hurt your credit and, [...]

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What Buyers Don’t Want: 4 Homebuyer Turn-offs to Avoid

It may be an inventory-strapped market, but that doesn’t mean people are willing to buy anything. Today’s homebuyers still want a great home, in a great location, at a great price – and sellers need to do their best to position their properties as such. Staging, adding some curb appeal and sprucing up the kitchen [...]

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Tired of Paying PMI? Here’s How to Get Rid of it

If you have an FHA loan or put less than 20 percent down when you bought your home, you’re probably stuck with PMI, or Private Mortgage Insurance. PMI is paid monthly as part of your mortgage payment, but unlike your balance and interest, it doesn’t decline over time. You pay the same for mortgage insurance [...]

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