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Aly J. Yale is a mortgage and real estate writer based in Houston. Connect with her at or on Twitter at @AlyJwriter.

7 Things the Most Successful Luxury Real Estate Agents Are Doing

Being an agent in the luxury space is hard work. Not only are you dealing with some seriously discerning clients, but you also have huge commissions on the line — so impressing them and bringing your A-game is key. Not sure how to do that, exactly? Here’s what other luxe agents are doing right [...]

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The VA Loan Perk You’ve Probably Never Heard of

If you're a US military service member or veteran, then you're likely aware of VA loans — as well as the perks they offer for qualified homebuyers. With no down payments and capped closing costs, they're often the most affordable mortgage on the block. But these aren't the only advantages a VA loan comes [...]

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8 Ways to Prevent Indoor Allergy Flare-Ups at Home

If you suffer from allergies, then nowhere is safe — not even your own home.  Fortunately, while there’s no way to avoid allergens altogether (especially if you have pets or kids), there are several steps you can take to improve air quality and reduce flare-ups around the house. Here’s where to start: Use the [...]

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Mastering the Art of Non-Verbal Communication in Real Estate Sales

Talking the talk is one thing, but a great real estate agent isn’t made with words alone. In fact, it’s actually the non-verbal communicating you do that can matter the most. Let's look at a study from the University of Pennsylvania for proof. According to the findings, a whopping 55% of our communication is [...]

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Photos Clogging Up Your Phone? Here Are Your Options

A decade or two ago, we’d snap photos on physical cameras and get them developed at the local drug store. Now? They’re all stored on our most precious devices — our phones. Thanks to their high-quality, built-in cameras, our phones allow us to take more photos than ever. And while more memories is certainly [...]

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Low Credit Score? 5 Little-Known Hacks That Can Help

Your credit plays an important part in the mortgage process — and it’s a major factor in what interest rate you receive on your loan. Are you worried your score isn’t good enough? Don’t fret.  Here are five lesser-known moves you can make that might help improve your credit: Request a credit line increase. [...]

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The Benefits of Multi-Generational Living (And How to Do it Successfully)

Multi-generational living is on the rise. In fact, according to recent data from the Pew Research Center, a whopping 64 million Americans currently live in multi-generational households, sharing their homes with parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and more.  In total, about one in five households is multigenerational. It’s no wonder why, either. With home prices [...]

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