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Posted 11/18/2014 by admin
New Home Office

Avoid recreating a cubicle atmosphere by making your office all about you. Do you want a purple chair? Then get one. Do you prefer working cross-legged on a sofa? Then do it. Above all, set up the room where your office will be to be functional and comfortable. For example, no matter how many apps you have on your phone to create to-do lists, schedules, or jot down notes, every home office should have a sizeable dry erase board with at least three different colored markers. To keep files, bills, and other papers in order, create a unique filing system that works for you, not one that’s being shoved down your throat by what you see in ads or at the store. Keep that filing system in order by placing it high enough up that prying hands of children can’t mess with your flow; and if that doesn’t work, figure out a system you can keep under lock and key with a standalone filing cabinet. And don’t worry: that filing cabinet doesn’t have to be beige—this is your office! Paint it paisley or plaster it with New York subway posters to make it uniquely yours.

Another key factor is physical comfort. We often see an ergonomic chair that we know would keep the aches and pains of working at a desk at bay, but we opt out of buying it because of the price. If you have found a chair and/or desk that you are positive will keep you comfortable, spend the money—it’s worth every penny to stay out of physical therapy, off of medications, and away from the surgical table!

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