Exterior Paint Colors - Which is the Right One for Your Home

Posted 11/13/2014 by admin
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What colors are your roof and fixtures?

If your roof is blazing red, chances are that deep Amazon green is going to be a bad choice no matter where you’re located geographically. Tile-roof homes do best with colors that allow the roof to shine and be the center of attention. In addition, many homes on the East Coast have gorgeous bronze or other metal fixtures, awnings, or trim. You’ll be taking away from this if you go with an outrageous color liked deep violet, blood red, or hot pink.

Love thy neighbor

While it doesn’t apply everywhere across the board (take our exception of many areas of San Francisco), you will be much likelier to make great friends with your neighbors next door and across the street if you don’t go bananas—or banana yellow—with your exterior paint. When you first purchase your home and move in, take a look around the area to see what others are doing. You will see other standouts as well, and while you want to make sure your personal family brand doesn’t suffer, you also don’t want to be that family everyone talks about in a negative light just because of a paint choice. Don’t settle, but don’t be rigid either. Pick a color within the pallet of your first choice if it’s too bright or too intense. Tone it down enough to keep the peace, but not so much you get lost in the matrix of suburbia.

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