Making the Most of Falling Leaves

Posted 12/04/2014 by Tim Coutis
Fallen leaves

You can also use a leaf vacuum to collect mulch leaves. If you don’t want to use them on your lawn, consider spreading them thinly over your garden and around trees. For best results, and to prevent blowing, turn the top soil once with the leaves.

Leave make an excellent addition to your compost. You can add whole leaves, but again shredded best. Mulched leaves we decompose more quickly.

As mentioned above, many towns and municipalities have ordinances specific to disposing of leaves, so check with your town hall first. Also, many communities have banned yard waste disposal at local landfills, so be sure to check before you load up your car.

If you have trash pick up before you rake and bag leaves, find out what kind of bags you should use. Larger paper bags made from recycled paper are available at your hardware store and are biodegradable. If you’re lucky and your town deploys a vacuum truck, your task may be as simple as raking piled leaves along the curb for easy pick up.

Taking a little extra time to reuse leaves as opposed to disposing of them at the dump or local landfill is both more efficient and environmentally friendly.

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