What do you "embrace"? We "embrace" the Norman Bird Sanctuary

Posted 06/08/2012 by Anonymous

Operate as a family that cares and is Generous toward our neighbor

I can’t tell you how much your staff helped us on the Grassland restoration.  The 900+ hours in the field your company invested here completed the job and allowed us to seed the nesting field well ahead of schedule.  The rain has come and the sun is shinning so we are looking great.  Your staff is a hard-working bunch and made the best of the project which I must say isn’t the most appealing.  The picture I am sending is of our staff, and the White Oak behind us is the one your staff planted back in 2007 J.  It is a mighty Oak now, and will be the corner stone of our new Orchard area.  Thank you! Joseph McLaughlin - 
Norman Bird Sanctuary Norman Bird Sanctuary (Photo credit: gccnyc)
-  Middletown, RI
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