John Burns of Embrace Home Loans ; "....for his outstanding treatment to us as potential customers."

Posted 06/28/2012 by Anonymous

Honor All Customers as Our Guest

For three to four months I had been trying to work with our home mortgage lenders (1st - Bank of America and 2nd - Chase).  I was attempting to have those loans modified to lower interest rates...I had no luck, with hang-ups, calls not returned, letters not answered and agents with English I couldn’t understand.  The reason I am writing to you is to inform you of a delightful experience I had a few weeks ago.  We received a brochure from Embrace to offer a consolidation refinance program.  I don’t usually respond to these since we’re so far underwater, but thought I’d give it a try.  I called and was connected to Mr. John Burns of Embrace Home Loans  He was very polite, and was immediately interested in our problem.  After I explained my hearing deficiency, he spoke slowly and distinctly and I could hear every word.  Mr. Burns never rushed and listened carefully as I answered all his questions.  He said he would call back after checking our credit rating, which he did within five minutes.  We have very good credit, but our balances are too high, and our home value too low.  We discussed the RI and CA weather and other items for a bit and then Mr. Burns explained, apologetically, that it appeared Embrace would not be able to help us out, which was what I expected.  Within five days we received a very nice letter from him repeating his regret that Embrace could not help, and advising he would follow up in a couple months to advise if anything might have changed.  Please extend our thanks and best wishes to Mr. John Burns for his outstanding treatment to us as potential customers.  He is a true professional and a fine representative of your organization. Emmett Taft - Sacramento, CA
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