Christina Swift of Embrace Home; "...very impressed, both with her expertise and expediency."

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Honor All Customers as Our Guest I am writing to you today to express my sincere appreciation for the outstanding way in which my husband and I were treated, during the process of our application for the refinancing of our mortgage.  Just a little background will assure you that we are "connoisseurs" of the mortgage world and know the difference between professional and poor handling.  We purchased our first home in 1982, located in a small town in upstate New York.  The rate was over 16%!  Needless to say we have refinanced a number of times before getting closer to 8% in 1994, at which point we moved to Virginia.  Since then we have relocated twice more, within Virginia, and have resided in Orange now for a number of years.  Our most recent mortgage was 4.75% fixed and our home equity loan is 3.25% variable.  These rates were within our comfort zone but I was a little concerned about the variable portion, even in the current climate. Early in September I happened to pass by the Embrace Home Loan booth at our educator's fair in Orange.  I had no thought about looking into a change.  I was with a fellow teacher who stopped to fill out a prize entry form.  While I was waiting, one of your loan officers, Christina Swift of Embrace Home Loans stepped over and asked if she could answer any questions for me.  To be polite I asked her about the current rates.  I was surprised to hear that the rates had fallen to less than 4% and gave her a few facts about our situation.  She wrote everything down that I mentioned gave me some rounded off numbers and offered to call me back with more exact figures.  I was intrigued by this but still not too interested.  I know that in order to make it worthwhile, there should be at least a 2% difference between rates. Less than 24 hours later I received a phone call from Mrs. Swift informing me that the rate had dropped to 3.25% fixed and giving me more concrete figures, based on our finances.  At that point I became very interested and told her to go ahead and run with it.  She was amazing and we were very impressed, both with her expertise and expediency.  Christina sent us an email giving us all the information that we needed to be aware of and a list of requirements.  We gathered everything and my husband delivered the package to her office.  She went through the volumes of paperwork, my husband said it was like watching someone playing the shell game because she was so fast and knew exactly what she was doing, and put together everything that was necessary.  He came home with the package and a further list.  I returned to your office a few days later with the balance of the paperwork.  From that point on we received emails and phone calls from Christina and Angel requesting documents to fine tune the process; sometimes well after closing hours and even on weekends - what sheer dedication!  They were always professional and polite and never let the ball slip.  Everyone involved with our loan was a true professional from Christy and Angel, to the appraiser Katy Fergus who was also outstanding, all the way to the closing company staff of Louisa Title who was well prepared and explained everything, page by page. Needless to say, we closed in a little over three weeks and we still can't believe how this happened so quickly and with such ease.  Both our primary mortgage and our home equity loan are now combined into one low fixed rate loan.  I have told others whom I work with, as well as friends and neighbors about our experience with Embrace Home Loans.  I will be giving out Christina's number to those who show an interest in attaining a first loan or in refinancing.  We are your biggest fans.  Thank you so much for hiring such a dedicated, talented staff. With sincere gratitude - yours truly, Liz and Dave Osterhaut - Orange, VA

Christina Swift

Senior Loan Officer NMLS# 242004 e. t. 800-787-6630
Christina's success as a loan officer is at least in part a function of her multifaceted work experience prior to joining Embrace Home Loans. Eight years as a customer service representative for SunTrust Bank, followed by ten years as a loan consultant for that same bank and then for H&R Block and Mason Dixon Funding, provided plenty of practice in responding to people's requests and pursuing the product or program that best suited their needs. She also benefited from her early-age exposure to the business; her mother has worked in the mortgage field for more than 30 years. A native of Richmond, VA who has lived in Northern Virginia for much of her adult life—the last seven in Culpeper—Christina attended both George Mason University and Virginia Commonwealth University where she studied Accounting and Finance. She is an active member of the Piedmont Virginia Building Industry Association and the Culpeper, Louisa, Lake Anna and Orange Chambers of Commerce, and volunteers her time in support of various youth sports programs and the Lake Anna Relay For Life.
Email Me Call me: 800-787-6630
Branch: Culpeper , 608 South Main Street, Culpeper, VA 2270
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