Saving money and saving resources

Posted 03/09/2011 by Anonymous

RainBarrelInUse I have always thought that the idea of having a rain barrel to water the plants in my garden.  I used to live in a community where the cost of water and sewage was very high.  Until recently all the water went thorough one meter.  Now the houses are setup with two meters one for house water and sewage and one for outdoor activities like watering the garden and washing the car. I fell in love with the idea of a rain barrel to help offset a small precentage of those costs.  But what I was not thrilled with is having to water things one bucket at a time.  I wanted to be able to pump the water to where I wanted it instead of carrying it. showcased a product that will suit both needs.  It allows you to collect the water and distribute it via a solar powered pump. The product is called RainPerfect and provides 13psi delivery of water through a 15 foot hose.  I think this would help a lot os homeowners save some money as well as do something good for water conservation. What do you think?

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